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Ever beautiful Beautiful Nubia. Keep inspiring. Thank you.
Thank you Beautiful Nubia for taking us through the path of ancient wisdom and giving us soulful melody to dance along the way.
You are so good. Your music lifts the spirit. You are simply the best. I'd love to come to one of your concerts. Sad thing I can't find any upcoming event this year on the website. I hope you bring a big one my way soon. Soundgod
When will Beautiful Nubia be coming to Abuja, Nigeria? I really want to experience the music live! Please keep us posted.
Checking out the Theme of his songs,his lyrics and perception about life (especially in this African setting) someone must really commend eniobanke for his contribution to the society and not damaging it. kudos once again Dr.Akinlolu.
It was great being here on earth with your beautiful music
How i wish i can meet you one day even if its once in a life time. Your song lyrics and rhythm have been like a companion to me.
You have inspired me greatly. A day will not pass without you song if not played then I must hmm it. A great songwriter, musician, Instrumentalist, and Vet. forever.
It is my joy in the beginning of the year to have the new album "AMUNUDIN" in my music library. But, still waiting for the lyrics.
I am glad you took bold steps to live out your passion and drive. You and your team make such great melody that calms the mind. God bless you
You always inspire me. You are a great man. ENIOBANKE!
You have always imparted my life and my thoughts. Thank you for helping the african Myths survive. You are a living legend. God will not kill the source of your thoughts. I sing your tracks Seven lives, Tera mo, Kilokilo, Ko da nkan, Akawogbekun, Ireti Ogo, I cant really mention all. I have met you thrice at Freedom park, OAU and UI and you are what you sing. Thumbs up.
You and your band are the ultimate sound benders. The lyrics ring spiritual and the percussion is absolutely celestial.
Beautiful!!!....the lyrics... The rhythm...everything!!!
Hi Beautiful Nubia. Just thought of your songs during the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association conference in Ado Ekiti. Good one from a Vet
I finally found myself on your website...I started from What a Feeling, i gradually accumulated your songs on my playlist, now I find out you have over 5 albums which I intend to buy. I appreciate your music and may God enrich your creativity.
Beautiful Nubia, my god, hero and mentor. Your music has inspired me in many ways especially seven lives and kunrumi. Long live my legend. I will be glad to see you physically one day. Peace be unto you sir.
I love your Culturality.... YOU possess a power to transform lives
Sir, If I can only meet you, I will do everything in my capacity to keep you around me and make you a small god. lol. You're such a, wonderful talented & interesting singer sir. I love you so much, always listen to your songs when am down and out and it does restore my hope. To be sincerely you're a gift to our dear Africa specifically Nigeria sir. We love you and pray God bless you more and more and more and more sir. Looking forward to meeting you sir.
Your songs, instrumentals, lyrics and performance are wonderful. You are the best among all! Long live Beautiful Nubia!!!!!!!!
Sir, your music always inspired me, God bless you sir. A ma se e se o (Ase)
It's good to see the children singing, dancing, chanting, ehm. Baba ogbon you are good
Wow wow wow beautiful songs, beautiful lyrics , beautiful melody...your songs are an inspiration - ka jo ma se po, eniobanke gangan, ohun oju nri, tables turn, ominira, etc. Parents are proud of you because old, young, rich, poor...anybody could learn from your music. The lyrics in your songs are words of wisdom. "Good morning I greet you, it will be a beautiful day"
Hmmm, love your music like say ma dey hear it every dey - seunto'se and ikoko akufo with small people anthem. my bros continue release another track, we dey feel you at home
Congratulations on the launching of your latest album, love your music any day anytime.
What a marvel! Your songs, the lyrics, the melody! You are a living legend, a true blessing to the world!
Nice music, nice lyrics, nice songs for people who know good music. Thumbs-up. Pls keep up your good work
Love your musics so much... Lots of Love!
You are not one of the best...you are the best! Totally unique and earthy...You help me reach deep in my soul that no one else can... Thank You Segun!
Your music and message is not only consistence in reliability but also valid in all sphere of validity. Best regards from 'Dotun (pestalozzi)
"The average man doesn't ask for too much; he only wants what you and I want - a safe place to lay his head at night. Is that too much to ask?" One day I indeed hope the tables will turn to favour the masses!
I love your music!
I love you, all what you do. You are a talented man; a man of dreams
Your songs are really inspiring and can as well be used to preach. I love it. I just wish you remain unique as you are.
You are one in a million
Everyone knows the world has more noise and less music on the charts recently. B Nubia is one of the rare guys doing music. Please, Egbon, start a music school. You will help some of us ooo
May God continue to bless you and may you continue to move from strength to strength. I am proud of you!
I wanna say that Beautiful Nubia has been doing a fantastic job over the years...keep it up and you shall project and escalate beyond your imaginations...
Segun, I heard your interview on Classic FM today and I am thrilled with how you and your music have grown. I actually looked for your page hoping to find info for an upcoming show. I bought your Jangbalajugbu album out of loyalty and curiosity but I've since been a fan and follower. I do hope you remember me? Anyways all the very best. Stay original. Cheers
I really do not have a word or rather, enough words to describe what a blessing you've been through all these touching song. You are one in a MILLION!!
I love your music with passion. To me, you are an evangelist. I treasure the picture I had with you years back in U.I Ibadan. Continue the great work. We are enjoying you greatly
Beautiful Nubia you are more than a mentor to me,your music is part of me already. I can't do without them and that's why my friends and family call me "Arole Beautiful Nubia" - your fan to the core. Keep it up my Brother, God is with you." Adara ola si ma dara o adara"
I can't help myself, I love your music.
Good morning the great nubia of Africa, the Lord has truly blessed you with tremendous talent which you use to pass meassages to the entire human race. Have been anticipating that one day I will call you for a show. Long live the great Nubia, long live your fans and long live Africa.
I call him Beautiful Negritude, I'm always PROUD of him, He's my GREAT mentor. I can not do without his music. All his songs contain deep messages, & that's essentially who he is, a sensitive artist indeed. I'm also proud to be an artist. I love everything about you, because everything about you is beautiful.
I love reality. I love Beautiful Nubia. Bros, well done!
you are too much brother. you have never dissappointed me since i started listening to me your music close to 10 years now. i am in malaysia right now and planning to come home to record my album. i will like to work with you on my album brother. can that be possible?
Congratulations on the launching of your latest album today! God will continue to bless you as you are blessing this generation with your beautiful music once again, congratulations brother!
Sir, I would love to be part of your music cos it gears me up whenever I'm down, whenever I think all hope is lost. I would be grateful if I can get notifications whenever you are having a concert.
You are doing a great job. Thumb's up!
I am your fan, I would love to join your fans' club, what will I do?
Beautiful Nubia's music is more than melody, just like 'the people are ready'. It is meaningful to life and guardian to living just like 'ohun merin'. He speaks to meet the worries of the heart.
Obviously your music is very awesome indeed. I am really in love with listening to your music always, please let the ball keep rolling. An instrument of change!
i love your songs and i am one of your fans.
Sir...you are indeed a hero we can learn from. Your music imparts knowledge to the youth; it gives the poor assurance and it gives the weak courage; it speaks of how to love. Indeed you are great! I remain one of your fans who can not go a day without listening to your music...I am an upcoming artiste and I would like to be like you.
Songs that teach people and also tell us about olden days
Really nice nice stuff, Segun !! Can't wait to hear your albums, first thru streaming, then purchase!! Well done, you're a young gun who has gone places in your grand Nigeria (and elsewhere!!) Love it!!
I love beautiful nubia so dearly...his voice, his lyrics, his music, his beat, his looks, everything...i wish i could download his tracks on my mobile...cheers!
You are a living legend. You are worthy of emulation.
I listen to your song, it unites the heart of the soil, it gives strength to the water we drink
hmmmm, am out of words. all i have to say is THANK YOU and GOD BLESS.
I always love your music
Your music brings memories that stream tears down my cheeks. Well done. Greatest UIte!!!
Their is no other artist in Africa that can pass messages with well cultured music like you do....pls broadcast when you are coming to New York City coz we need you to promote our culture here.
I love your style of music, the message, the uniqueness in the music industry especially 'Seven Lifes' in Jangbalajugbu. Keep 'em moving.
The Beautiful one! Your music is still no.1 choice for me! When are you coming to play in Ibadan?
The revolution is coming soon. We are going to start it now Sir. GOD HELP US
We love your song, we want you to play for us at our youth carnival.
Your songs are true representatives of African culture.
I never cease to appreciate the wholistical concept behind the Beautiful Nubia. Please tell more of the Beautiful Nubia Stories to our society that it may be better for it. I am an Ibibio Guy, but i bless God that I understand Yoruba language so much that I can get your lyrics and rhythms undauntedly.
I've been a fan for many years since my lil sis brought back a cd from Africa in 2003. Such uplifting and spiritual music. Thank you Beautiful Nubia!
beautiful nubia is a real cultured man. This was fully examined in the track PASS DE CALABASH. I like his songs
You are the reason we are proud to be African, Nigerian & Yoruba...keep it up big brother
Hi, you are doing a great job, i love your music so much.
Beautiful Nubia, my role model in all areas of life. I have read all about you sir. You are just too much. I am following your footsteps sir. God bless you, for inspiring me.
Beautiful Nubia. You are too much. Your song is very classical and it gives an inspiration to me. Keep it up man. I am proud of you
It started with What a feeling but now I'm loving every other sound! Keep up d good work. Exciting 2 know we still have people who stil pay attention 2 content. May God continually give you good inspirations. C u @ freedom park on sat! cheers....
Beautiful Nubia is one of my favorite musicians. I always enjoy him. His music makes me to remember home...Africa my motherland.
I remember the first time I listened to Owuro lojo on radio some 9 yrs ago i started looking around for where i could get the cd then but none was available until later . Beautiful Nubia is a distinguished and valuable Nigeria musician with a lot of inspirational lyrics and good vibes that will let you reason and think about where we are and where we are coming from as a Nigerian and African. May you live long Brother.
Hmmmmmmm...what a name beautiful nubia! What a life, song, voice, lyrics, concept, philosophy, ideology, belief system and culture. Hmmn, I still don't know how to describe you sir. You are just too unique, your songs are inspiring, encouraging, truthful and instructing to individuals, leaders and nations. Well, I have been a fan for many years now and one day I hope to be at your live concerts.
Beautiful Nubia, I am always very proud of you. I am so proud that I wish you are my blood birth son. For, in the midst of Pollution to the music of The Motherland, you have continuously raised your head high above the tainted commercialism of our musical roots. And you have truly, and progressively brought to earth the still hidden melody and poetically rich Lyrics of what Africa and African music means. I truly love you my musical Son. Please, keep the flag flying, for the Sky is not at all your Limit Very possibly your Number One Fan, BLACKMAN AKEEB KAREEM
Ah, in fact i really love your music from a to z, everything is good, fine and educative. then i choose you as my best musician in this world cos you're singing according to our culture in this country. Thanks.
You are indeed a source of inspiration for right virtues. How I wish the youth will know how to listen, ponder and appreciate good words than the junk so-called music that bombards our market today.
Do not retire but keep on the fire. We dey enjoy you.
You have laid down a good legacy, keep it up.
You are indeed a blessing and motivation to the entire African race and the world at large...your music is out of the world. May your source of inspiration never run dry
I always wonder where your inspiration for such explosive ideas on how to peacefully coexist and not to be an oppressor of our fellow humans comes from. I can say, and undoubtedly, that if we embrace your teachings and ideas, we would be a better race and an envied culture. I always look up to you, not as a musician but as a called politician. I would love you to be my mentor!
Sir, When are you coming to LAUTECH? We really want to watch you perform in LAUTECH. I love you and you are the best in the world! Keep the good work going.
Looking forward to see you performing in Akure, Ondo State. You are too much.
Sincerely I have a flair for your music a very long time but now am much in love with ur music. Brother keep the good work going. You are blessed jooooooo
i love your songs, they are inspirational
Indeed brother, you are a blessing to this generation and the good God will continue to grant you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding...kudos!
You are indeed beautiful, your lyrics are great, the sounds are touching, your voice is best. I can't wait to listen to the upcomong album- Oriojori. Love you Mr. Olusegun.
Your music will surely outlive you. Our radio stations in Nigeria should play more of your music, more importantly during elections.
Oriojori! What a title for the in coming album! Emufest 2012 free of Charge! You are too much brother!
What can I say again? Your work/music has become evergreen which many matured minds can testify to. More strength from above. A.S.A
Keep the ball rolling bro, you're 1 in a billion. I am waiting for the Emufest in Nov and the launching of the new album ORIOJORI
You should come with a warning! lol
Looking forward to performing live with Beautiful Nubia's personal acoustic...He inspires me.
I love Beautiful Nubia and his songs...God bless
I say it loud & clear that the beautiful one is born already (in disagreement with Ayi Kwei Armah); it is Beautiful Nubia!!! Everything about you is beautiful: your composition, your voice, your lyrics, your person, your dress code, etc. I just stumbled on your website & I am happy I did. I love your simplicity and humility. I pray you keep on reaching for greater heights... you amaze me! I am gradually getting addicted to your shows at Eniobanke Arts Gallery. What an inspiration you are! Kudos...
You make impact in lives with your music and being a Yoruba girl, I'm so proud of you!
You are Beautiful!
you are a talented and proud African great musician. More Grease to your elbow
I went through your notes and lifted a quote from one of them. ********************** "Sometimes we look at our parents and ancestors and blame them for what we are today or for the struggles we have had to face. It is important to take what we consider the good and bad as an advantage. We should see their errors, and the pain and loss it caused them, as a sacrifice they made so that those of us coming after them would be able to avoid similar pitfalls" ******************************** I haven't seen or read any quote so striking, so relating, so original, so real, so encouraging, so inspiring, so beautiful and of-course so nubia...lol Something tells me i will do a lot with this quote. Something like this gives hope to the hopeless. Trust this to be my favourite quote. God bless you real good
continue to uphold our culture, may you live long.
Keep the music flowing, sir! Love you.
The Beautiful Spirit!!!
You are indeed a talented artiste, in fact you are simply the best. I wish you all the best as you continually project the rich tradition of Africa in a positive light the world over. The fountain of your talent will never go dry!!!
I love Beautiful Nubia very well. He is my number one musician that I really love, with words of wisdom that he used 2 sing. Beautiful Nubia will give you what will happen in the future and what is happening now, such a great musician. More grease to your elbow.
The only music I enjoy must is your music. Please continue with your good work.
All songs in here are nice. Please do keep it up. I wish you all the best.
Love ur track 'SEUN TO SE' it inspired me alot to work and enjoy myself. love u n ur composition. Best Regards, Toyin
I love here. All songs herein are great. Hugs
You are the pride of Africa
I can not wait to see Beautiful Nubia performing live again. June 10, please come around.
beautiful nubia, you're just the best. at this time where all you hear from singers is just rubbish, you give us something to cheer about.you're not just a singer, you're a musician and not just a musician, but one with class and finesse. keep up the good work
Beautiful one, ride on.
U're just great.
Doing us proud, bruffy; u ain't just a musician....u're a living legend!
Your voice is unique, Your composition is GBAM!, Your accent is dynamic...Infact, YOU are DA BOMB!
i know one day, i will be like you, though i remain myself...SEGUN AKINLOLU YOU ARE A MENTOR, ROLE MODEL, MOTIVATOR, HERO
Bros, keep the fire burning...You will never fall, never...
i love you. i love your music...you are one in a trillion...segun akinlolu pls keep it up. God dey ur back
I've never been addicted to anything in my life but your music! It a a daily tonic for me!
I love your song MAMA BENDEL. It reminds me of my Jamaican grandmother, and so many female elders I know who have passed on.
We are still waiting for your planned concert in Oyo town to crystallise. More power to your elbow brother!
this is great
You are simply talented. I love your concept. Please keep up your game! You are the best. PERIOD!
Kajoma gbe po lole da o...my most inspired track. I love it so much. I can't wait again, "Sun no dey sleep" on my mind. God bless Me, God bless U and All Eniobake Fans, God Bless Naija. A.S.A.
Hi, I'd like to know when your next show in Ikeja will come up.
An excellent musician indeed. Unique voice, excellent composition and good lyrics. You combine the traditional and the modern. You are just too much. A proud Nigerian musician to be associated with. I love you sir.
With concerts at the EniObanke Art Center every fortnight and all your planned concerts across the nation (Nigeria) and beyond, your music is gathering more followers! God will strengthen you Brother!
Now that we have the "Eniobanke Arts centre" that means maximum enjoyment is at our finger tips... pick it up...
Man, you are talented, I love your music. Your next concert I will surely be there... keep it up.
Hi, I love your sonorous yet inspiring tone and choice of words....keep flying the indigenous spirit...cos with your likes the African culture won't disappear.... much love.....
Bro Segun, love your music so much. Especially K'a jo ma se po. My Husband loves it too. God bless.
Hi, I love your music, your style, & your groove. I'm always happy to know people like you & to have people like you in our community. Feb 19 will be the bang, cause I'm coming there not alone but with my relatives. See you there............
First experienced your music in Dresden, Germany while visiting a DJ friend 8 years back. Have been hooked on you since then. Just so you know, I have won many over to the cause; wherever I go in my travels around the world, I take all my Beautiful Nubia music with me. Thank you for the good vibes.
All through the time of strike and protests in Nigeria, your songs keep me going especially "Ohun oju ri" and "Table Turn". You are the revolutionary leader of our time! Keep it up Brother!
The great BNubia! I have all your cds. I am one of your many disciples, long-time admirer and follower. More power beautiful man!!
You are a living legend unleashing the beauty of African culture. Beautiful songs coming out of a Vet doctor is rare gold.
I like your style of music. You are creative and unique.
One of the best? I beg to disagree. This is the simply the BEST living Nigerian musician! Incomparable lyrics, outstanding musicality, so classy yet so humble.
In fact you really deserve a Grammy. I love your lyrics, they give me hope that this country will change someday.
Stumbled on your website and it is really a good happy new year as I have all the albums and BNubia is one of the best musicians in Nigeria today. Big up to you.
I like your music and your way of singing
Futarians and the architecture dept intensifies efforts to have you in futa mid next year. ASA oni baje o
Fela, Osadebe are all gone but thank God you still live. E pe fun wa o
Thank you for preserving this beautiful culture of our people. We need more people like you that have a conscious mind. Because people that forget their roots will have a conflict with their identity.
I like what you do, your message, your music and what you represent. Thank you!
I love him and I want to be like him
Can't wait to get hold of your new album.
What a nice and fantastic evening at UI yesterday (27th November 2011) as EMUfest 2011 was rounded off with Pa Chris Ajilo, Orlando Julius and the Beautiful one! The Root Renaissance Band was extraordinary, likewise the school children that sang many BN songs! More Power to your elbow ENIOBANKE!
Emufest 2011 is here @ OAU, Ife today and UI on Sunday! It's gonna be great and fun fair!
It is another merry and great fun to have the greatest men back. The previous EMUfest here in Ife was great. Eku ipalemo, an fi oju sona, olorun yio ma so yin ase edumare. BN u are wonderful
The success of EMUfest 2010 will be a child's play to what will happen this year. More power to your elbow the Beautiful One!
The roots music enriches my soul and lifts my spirit anytime I listen to it. When I was in OAU Ife and up till now your music makes the favorites on my music library. It's of particular significance to me in such a way that it constantly connects me with the rich African culture and traditions borrowing strength from traditional lyrics and creative thinking. I can't have enough brother. Good work Brother
You're so nice and all your music cannot be compared with any other!!!
With Beautiful Nubia and the Root Renaissance, African traditional folk music now wears a human face and has become well defined!
Your music has always been bringing out the true beauty in African culture, spiced with the combination of African beats and strings. You're a rare gem. kudos
Greatest singer and my best poet, I don't know why the world's ear is deafened to the voice of change. I have witnessed, so I can testify. My man, I celebrate you every day of my life. Ride on, God is your strength.
Wow!!! U're highly endowed. Some time I just wonderedd if it's the same GOd that inspires u. Pray that Nigeria will work up form dey slumba 1 day and celebrate u.
Well done Doctor. You are wonderful...may God continue to sustain you.
From Ife to Osogbo, I followed BN and the EMUfest train in 2010. Now, EMUfest 2011 is around the corner! Can't wait for it!
Beautiful Nubia, you are the best man. I have been wondering where you get your own inspiration from. See, to me, roots music is the king of music in Nigeria and I'm very happy that my mentor is the leading creator of such music. Well done sir!
I am a huge fan of your music. You are also an inspiration to young people around the world. Do you do shows in the United Kingdom? You have a lot of fans here you know...please if you don't mind, think of having one real soon....
My heart is always emotionally soaked with passion for change in our land and love for one another whenever l listen to your music. You have been my role model and blessing to the world. IRINAJO is a really heart touching album. I so much love you. I wish I could see you everyday.
"... and so I go into the world, into the deep, into the wide. In the market place I dance the sound of bata dancing..." Seven Lifes is one of my favourite tracks of BN.
Keep the good work up, Bro. Your music inspires us.... You are The African music Legend of this Generation.
The music is great. I love your persona. You are special and an ojise from on high. God will continue to strenthen you. I was priviledged to be at your June 2011 show in Ibadan......I felt the magic on that stage.
BN! You are still the best! Hope I will be able to make you Sunday show in Lagos. Cheerio brother!
Your music is very good for those who value our (Yoruba) culture. Talk of cloth and mode of dresses.
Baba! you are the best so far, KEEP IT UP.
E nle nile o! Just bought all your albums available on Amazon. Your music is the soul of the Yoruba race. Keep up the good work.
Aside the good and melodious music, you teach good values, and motivate with your song. You also come across as humble, very secure in your territory and simple. You are a role model to discerning young ones. Most definitely nothing as good as the music you play can come out of anything short of hard work, divine inspiration and benevolence from on high. I am happy for you. Well done, keep it up. Thumbs up for your entire band members and behind-the-scene folks. I love you from my heart.
anytime I hear Nubia's voice I am always arrested by the inspiration because all his songs are so rich, deep in real African culture...truly freedom is coming soon.
your songs are so deep and touching. you are really doing our culture proud. the song "tables turn" give hope to the hopeless. you are the best.
Dem guys rocking it big time men!
Kudos to an icon, the mouth piece of the black nation. Keep the fire burning my brother. With people like you in place, the black race in general and Africans in particular should be able to trace back their root and take their rightful position in this world where being black is almost an abormination.
I just love every thing about you, pls keep it up.
Brother, I love your music. You were born to be high.
kudos for a job well done.
You don't know how much I adore and cherish your creativity and the articulation of your words in your music. Let me make you know this - you are not a singer but a philosopher. You don't do songs, you do music. You help me say my mind in all your music. You think like I do.
you are the greatest...
Brother, I want to let you know that I just got your latest album now, and I know I will enjoy it. Kudos!
i love your style very very much and i still wish to learn more from you.
How are you the Beautiful one? Your music is accumulating more and more fans everyday and they all listen to your beautifully composed songs. You're an inspiration to this generation!
Let "Hip Up" hip the town and tell of its arrival. Your music makes a difference because when my children yet unborn become old, your music will still be 'sweet' to hear.
Egbon! you are a unique creation, a hero in your generation. Continue to feed us with your wealth of knowledge.
Apart from knowing you to be a man of distinction, I have just checked the Lyrics page and seen all the songs there. God bless you. Let me tell you again. You have brought Nigerian music back with clear sense. Kudos to your education and exposure.
My Doc, keep doing what u know how to do best (telling d truth), the coast seems to be getting clearer. WE SHALL WIN.
BN, I will have u know that I have all your albums except for "Sun No Dey Sleep" which I intend to get soon. My guy, you are too much and I admire you a lot. You will never know. Your songs are off the hook. May I suggest that for extended coverage with your music videos, you subtitle in English. I personally would love to understand the meaning of some of the deep words you use. Please keep it up and God bless you.
The Roots Renaissance Band in the hands of the Beautiful One is best thing ever to happen to Africa Traditional music. Keep it up brother!
One indigenous Yoruba music artist whose lyrics are inoffensive and you can open your heart without fear of being hurt. Meet Beautiful Nubia and his team.
'Sun No dey Sleep'! A masterpiece from the Master and his Band! You're too much Beautiful Nubia!
Your music is beautiful. Irinajo keeps me going, no other song does that. Thank u.
You are just a special being!!!! I will simply define modern African music as YOU. Keep lifting the faith of the Africans. God is with you, even our ancestors are happy with you.
Indeed a beautiful musician.
The Spider cafe show in Ibadan yesterday (June 12 2011) was fantastic! Thank you BN for making a special reference to me and my spouse! I can now sit back to enjoy 'Sun NO Dey Sleep;! In fact, I'm listening to 'Teramo' one my favorite tracks on the album right now and the album has been inside my CD player since I got home. I don't know when I will remove it! That is how addictive your music is the Beautiful One!
Your music is highly inspirational and cultural. You are synonymous with the music-Beautiful Nubia.
You are a talent!!!
Looking forward to seeing BN and Roots Renaissance at the Lagos show on 12th June. Catch you!
You are the top and best African musician!
Love your roots renaissance music as a person... It gives a sense of reasoning & sanity.
I'm still looking for where to get Sun No dey sleep in Oyo! You're beautiful BN!
your music brings HAPPINESS...
Keep on your musical dynamism...Jah bless you.
Your music is beyond any comment. I throway salute for u Bro!!!
i love your muzic so much
Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! All your songs are beautiful.
i love your music more than anything. i must confess that we have the same voice, i sing the same way you sing....i love every one of your songs especially coming soon, irinajo, harvestime, seven lifes, ohun oju nri, down the street and kilokilo...
love the nubia
Beautiful Nubia, you are adored, cherished and loved by me.
Ur music bring joy to my heart anytime I listen to any of ur tracks but my favourites are what a feeling, ikoko akufo, eleko idere and ife oloyin. Keep up the good work. U are the best...
I had the opportunity to perform to the track "What a feeling" with a lady back in Babcock University. Ever since that time my friend will ask me how is Beautiful Nubia doing as if we live in the same house. I am sure the man, Uncle Segun Akinlolu (Beautiful Nubia)is a legend. His form of music will live on and on and on and......
i love u music so much.keep it up! Ur music as inspired me and i love ur uncommon style and beat. Pls, always make ur album readly available especially in ondo and ekiti state. U re good, keep it up. I duff my hat 4 u.
Any time I listen to this man sing the more I believe in myself. This is not an ordinary human being. He is a hero that speaks through music.
Anything I say is more of your lyrics. You are just too loaded, BN.
Your music is one of the best things to happen to Nigeria and, indeed, Africa. Please BN keep it up.
BN! I just discovered now that the new album is out already! But how do we get it in Oyo very soon?
Thank you for sending the CD to us. Really enjoying it!
I am crazy about your music to the extent that I can sing 85 percent of all your songs. I love you madly.
You have always been a source of inspiration to me personally.
I love the style of your music. Keep it up, God will help you to preach to our government on its behaviour. I also have the aim of studying music too and become a music producer one day. The God that made you get to the top will one day help me too accomplish my mission in terms of music.
You are a pride to my race, I am proud to be identify with you. Relent not on the renaissance of our cultural heritage.
Beautiful Nubia: You are a gift to this nation. Your voice, humility and virtually everything about you is great. Keep flying high, we love you.
Your music has touched my life positively (most especially 'Fere').
Your kind of music is not common and I cherish those deep Yoruba words you use in your songs. I know it's not easy, but the Lord will continue to strenghten you, keep your good name and your good work. God bless you.
I greatly fell in love with your music and have really been drunk with the track SEUNTOOSE.
You are too much big brother. I love the songs titled Tables Will Turn and Baba Mimo - they are just so great. Keep on working, the Lord will see you through.
You are doing so well brother, may God continue to bless you. Well done.
Sir, you are an inspiration for those who love good and quality music. God bless you and continue to inspire you with great songs. You are the best and all ur songs are GREAT!!
God bless your soul Beautiful Nubia. Your song is classic and robust in our yoruba culture. Thank you for not tring to be western in any way unlike some of our young musicians. People will never recognize their music because the western world knows that they are not authentic. Thank you and all I can say is "thank you"
You are a living LEGEND. Your songs/composition stand like a bank of knowledge for many generations...ore ndani,a o ri eni a ba foro loo.
your songs are perfect!
My name is BEAUTIFUL and I can see the FUTURE! (IRINAJO) Mr. Segun, when are you coming to Abeokuta? We can't wait to see you!!
Beautiful Nubia...You're the best!!! May Almighty GOD continue to bless you more and more.
The Beautiful one! Welcome to 2011! Waiting fervently for your new album 'Sun no dey sleep'. More power to your elbow!
i love your music, God will help you more and more.
Just want to drop this line to appreciate your assertion and courage in the face of overwhelming senselessness as displayed by some unscrupulous elements at the OAU venue of the EMUfest. Thank you for upholding the Yoruba tradition and not selling out our values. You would have broken my heart if you had done the silly tradition of "dobale" Thumbs up once again............
I like your kind of Music. Kindly give us some more beautiful music on love that can be enjoyed during weddings. Thanks, you are making us proud
I've not been listening to any other album of yours of late but the 'double barreled' Awilele! Awilele (raw cut) and O ya (raw cut) are my favourite tracts. BN, I can't just have enough of your music!
I met beautiful Nubia for the first time when he came to my school for the children's concert held at Arts Theater, University of ibadan. My pupils were proud to be part of the concert
pls, we need more copies of ur album in kwara state
Its nice writing to you, my amiable artiste. Just to tell you that subsequent to what happened on our campus on 27th November, a lot of steps including releases from various quarters castigating students' conduct and the barbaric acclaimed tradition, meetings and counter-meetings have been held. A parliamentarian personally submitted a motion for the proscription of that tradition to me, which made the matter of parliamentary concern. there is going to be a sitting hopefully before the week runs out. I must sai that with the reactions of people so far including the effect of the releases we made, the barbaric tradition is on its way out.
so nice
The Beautiful one! I'm not only enjoying your music now, I'm also enjoying your novel and poems that I purchased at the EMUfest. You are great BN!
BN, Congratulations on the success of the maiden edition of EMUfest. I pray that next year's edition will be even more successful. I really enjoyed meeting you. Likewise, I enjoyed both the Ife and Osogbo shows. More power to your elbow!
I love you nubia - boda segun
I am a fan of BN for life like they say in football. I wish I had more lyrical content in Fere than folktales. BN is lyrically good
Nubia u are a rare gem. Keep ur good work, u ar the best. I love u.
Hi bros, you've been doing very wonderfully well, keep it up.
I've heard lots of praise for your originality, lyricism and well-rehearsed band, but this is the first time I've had a chance to hear your music and I'm duly impressed. I hope you can make it to the US next summer to play some of the music festivals here. I really look forward to hearing these genteel rhythms in person. You're certainly a talent that deserves a broad audience.
I'm just in love with your music, it's natural and educative. Cheers
BN is one of the true advocates of culture and tradition of our time. At this time that African culture is fading away, while parents encourage their wards to speak the English language at the detriment of our own local languages, we have BN's music to remind us of our roots. Ride on Sir!
You are a genius. Really love your music. Regards.
love your style
I met Segun Akinlolu for the very first time shortly after JANGALAJUGBU was released. It was one Saturday in December 2001. I was in Ife university campus for the annual festival of poetry on the invitation of Prof. Adebayo Lamikanra. Akinlolu was then accompanied by his friend Femi Ogunwumi. It is very funny that I didn't know who he was then but the next moring "Owuro Lojo" and other tracks were on air on Osun Radio! Segun Akinlolu is a simple but great and talented hardworking guy. Keep on the spirit.
Segun, you are the spirit of Africa.
i love your music, it's truly African - the costume, dance, instrumentation and performance.
What a blessed-rare beauty!
Beautiful Nubia is a music organisation that advocates the rich traditions and cultures of this land. Akin should be encouraged in all ramifications.
keep up the great work, you are the chosen one whose beautiful music inspires the stream of souls,... indeed, you are beautiful!
the spirit of the father will be with you, the harvest time has come, your music is distinct, i love you sir, keep it up
BN's music makes me aware that the journey of life is unpredictable. Sometimes it's smooth, sometimes it's filled with bumps. But if we are lucky, we will find people who believe in us and who we can travel with.
Nothing holds us together except an idea which is indestructible, it is an idea of justice, peace and humility. our dream is being lightened up through the syncopated melody that springs forth from your mouth. keep us alive with the spirit of music.
sir, i love you and i will like to meet you. i love your style of music.
i love your music. it inspires me a lot. in fact it ministers to my soul.
BN i got passion for you, wish to meet you. ijo o ni jo e o!!!!!!! iran o ni gbe o lo!!!!!!!!!! cool, stay blessed
i love your music. keep the flag flying. God bless Segun.
my kind of music. its a mind thing, soul, peace, love. blessings to all
Looking forward to the coming show. So Uncle Tunji Oyelana and the Benders is still performing? This is going to be a beautiful one. Thanks for the package BN!
Fantastic and very patriotic! Thanx
what a fantastic and mind touching album you put up there. all my dream is to see you perform in adekunle ajasin university akungba akoko, ondo state.
I so much love your music
Infact this is great! My prayer is that you will continue to move from glory to glory
Your music is a beauty to behold, The beautiful one!
I was at your live show on the 11th Sept. 2010 at Tant One Garden and Event Centre, Oko- Oba. I was highly inpressed with your performance which made me to appreciate you with NGN even as against my policy. Your music brings out the rich culture of Yoruba race and Nigeria in general. I love your music so much. My best track is SE'UNTTOSE in IRINAJO. Keep on with the good work. LONG LIVE BEAUTIFUL NUBIA AND THE ROOTS RENAISSANCE BAND.
i love your music, it relaxes. i'm an african american, love all type of music. carry on and bless you. peace.
i luv u beautiful nubia because you make our culture proud.
i love you beautiful nubia
Great music. More inspiration.
I love Akinlolu and the Music. Bros mo ngbadun yin gan ni ooooo. Go on sohun
Your music is astonishing, wonderful, entertaining and educative. It brings out the rich culture we have here in Nigeria (Africa), it showcases the moral values that existed before now and has been eroded by civilisation.
hello mr nubia, i watched your interview on tv on saturday and am very impressed by the way you define yourself as an african. i saw the uniquness in you as an african and your type of music. bless you nubia, we the fans of good music wish you the best.
i love your music so much. i am also a musician and, if you do not mind, i will like to meet you 1 on 1.
Hmm..you are really doing a great work...I was watching an interactive session on TV some days back..I was very touched. I have loved you and your music for long...each of your songs has its own messages... Gbadebo
I love hearing your music because it's entertaining, educative and informative. For this I say your brain will never run dry - more wisdom, knowledge and understanding...
Your music gives life and hope to some of us young Nigerians
i like ur dreads, it matches ur inspirational music
Nubia, you are a blessing to this nation. Keep on with the good job.
i love ur music
Through your music, the lyrics, the words, the block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, became a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong.
This your website is the best like your music. Keep it up the beautiful one.
I have to say that when I first listened to your music, my response was more like "What is this?" The answer came quick as the question - "WHAT A MASTER PIECE". You are one of the best to have come out mother-africa and fusionplustv.com identifies with you and your music. Showcasing Africans
we identify with you nubia and we believe that there is a silent but gradual movement of resourceful Africans focused on changing world views about Black people or the people of colour.In our quest to do this we invite you to www.theblackheritageradio.com.welcome to our world as we have come to urs..eku ikale oo..Alaafia. olakanmi sanusi
I like your kind of music - the message,the lyrics, everything about it. Especially the song titled "What a feeling"
Great music!
keep up the good work, keep on changing lives with your lyrics
4 (IF)s If advocate should be a name then it's yours because you advocate for the poor If hope and confidence should be a name it would be synonimous to Segun because your music gives me hope and made me believe in my self more. If YORUBA should have an ambassador to the whole world then SEGUN should not be elected before being selected because you speak, eat, drink, wear, ride, play, do, read,teach YORUBA as if you were one of those who started the language. WHENEVER I LISTEN AND I SLEEP IN THE NIGHT, I ALWAYS WAKE UP STRONGER BOTH PHYSICALLY AND IN MY SPIRIT. VIA YOUR MUSIC I BELIEVE THAT NIGERIA WILL BE A NATION WITH PEACE, WEALTH AND OF UNSPEAKABLE GREATNESS, "BECAUSE DARKNESS WILL SURELY GIVE WAY TO LIGHT ONE DAY"
I like this ur new song, I know this is the beginning. We londoners still waiting for u to come ooooo.
well done brother, may God grant your request in any area you may need help. when i am tired, sick, worried, abandoned, feeling good and enjoying, i hear beautiful nubia singing for me. i can't do without your songs and, to tell the truth, i play only your music not any other.
Nubia has been one of the artistes of this new age that has continued to fire me up with inspiration. considering the fact that he is based outside the shores of Nigeria, he still does good music that can be identified with both locally and internationally. Thumbs up guy, you rock, i say it again, YOU ROCK!!!!!
Great music. God bless and keep up the good work.
This music is Awesome. I love it.
Great Music! Keep up the good work!
Nice rhythms!
i love beautiful nubia to the bone...he owns the soul of my entertainment
In my moments of nostalgia and despair, your music has been an escapist world for me.It is full of hope and faith, most especially your recent album Irinajo. I love you brother.
Beautiful Nubia rocks.
I just want to tell you that I love your music ...
i am average earning citizen but i am saving every bit of my earning to get you available on my wedding day,i know i no fit steal...........
It is a weird occurrence for a prophet to be in town and you know it not - right in your neighbourhood! That is best way I can think of now to describe by acquaintance with the Roots Renaissance band. Nubia's first album to get my attention was Jangbalajugbu. And guess what? I did not even get to hear it until sometime around 2004-2005! On hearing it, I started recommending it to friends, as though it were a new album!! Until I met a friend who told me he had listened to his own copy of the album so much that the disc would not play again - then learnt I that the album was not new. I must confess that you are the big thing happening in that classical kind of music. I used to think that (and permit me to say this) Lagbaja was the only one gifted in that specialty until you came to the scene. Guess what brother? Igba odun, odun kan ni ninu ise orin yi. In our very eyes, Nigeria will be saved from the cabals, made great again, and you will create a piece of music in celebration. (Asee)
I noticed 'owuro lojo' was not mentioned among your works. Is this not your first work? And I must say it's one music that I find evergreen. Well done, and keep up the good work.
egbon, you are awesome and amazing and saying you are the best even seems like not the exact word. u are great. you send the lyrics of your songs to all and sundry. keep up the good work and i am proud to say you are one of my role models and i believe i'll see you one day. Remain in His grips!
Which music is enriched, blended and spiced with African culture, words of wisdom, advice, prayers and lots more? It is simply your music. I can never stop listening, your lyrics are just like my food that I have to take always. Let me describe you briefly, BN ...YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST, NOTHING LESS.
i dey gbadun u keep it up (yio si seo ooo....it will be possible)
I will not stop listening to the music of my creamy and indefatigable Nubia of our time cos he has made us know the difference between light and darkness.
Thanks to JAH...for giving AFRICA this TALENT of the Highest Order...Yes SEGUN AKINLOLU is simply and truly the BEST. This is a BLESSING to the Country(Nigeria)...I'm Happy you are my "BROTHERMAN"...This race has produced the BEST EVER...The UNIQUENESS in Superb!..I Love You
Gudday beautifulman, it is a great pleasure having u in this polluted society of ours. May u and ur group be fruitful and blessed in ALL ur endeavours.Pls I will like to see u PHYSICALLY. I am a Medical Student from UCH. Pls don't join d politics of d LAND, bcos u ar here on earth for reasons.
keep up the good job bro, the sky is your limit
BN you are too much! in fact your music is the order of the day. Indeed u are great. Well done my icon.
I've missed ur shows & Music
The musical icon of our generation is SEGUN AKINLOLU. Ride on brother. The sky is your limit. Kudos to your crew.
u are a correct guy, ur songs too make sense jo, welldone, more power to ur elbow, u and ur crew are really very KEY!
I most confess you are the most talented musician of this generation, your lyrics sink into my brain like the morning rain. Awon alale agbe waa....asee
I love your pattern of music becos it is pure and rich. Whenever I listen to the rhythm I always feel at home, meaning that I'm also an African boy - not only YOU.
I enjoy your music anytime, any day. Keep up the good work, ase debi ere o amin. Edumare aranwalowo.
I am a great fan and I love you and your music. You really showcase our culture and tradition to the world so that they can understand that there are lots and lots in Africa (Nigeria). More power to your elbow. I am a young guy who also wants to get on with the kind of your music, please I need guidelines from my mentor BEAUTIFUL NUBIA.
I don't need to go to church, mosque or school to hear the words of wisdom, your music is a pleasure and treasure without measure, i miss you my beautiful man. OlA
Hi, I must confess that I see you as a preacher, your songs are inspirational.
I have chosen to use your songs for my final year project because of the philosophies and cultural values infused in them.
U're doin a great job. i luv Uuuuu
"And we called her Mama Bendel Mama Bendel - She was always there She put the shine in my dull days She knew how to make a stone laugh She knew how to lift my dark clouds away She told me stories of how she grew up As a young girl in a village far away She painted a world of happiness And taught me the things mother forgot to teach She talked about love and pain (And what you must do to keep your head Up above the storms of life- THE MOST IMPORTANT)" She was your Mama Bendel, but to say the truth you are doing the same for me bro. Indeed you are a multi-talented Nigerian-born poet, songwriter, folklorist. No lie about it that "Beautiful Nubia’s songs of cultural celebration, social upliftment and public enlightenment have inspired millions of people". Dying for that day to meet you in person, a dream come true it'll be. Keep it up Egbo!
What a feeling burning in me. I cannot help myself. Baby i wanna love u.
Egbon, U are a living legend. More grease 2 ur elbow.
Keep the beautiful work going,love the music and the energy behind it. Cheers Jide...New Zealand
You are the best...
Great music. Keep on!! Regards from Spain
Great nubia i gbadun your site. thanks web master.
I appreciate your kind of music. Keep on promoting our heritage. God bless all the sons of the yoruba soil
may God use u and i to save this generation
i luv ur style of music, very traditional and is full of warnings that can help us in ur daily life.
Dr Akinlolu is doing great in the world of music. His music is like food for my soul. BRAVO!!!
you are a great man.
Really appreciate your music becos apart from the sonorous voice and reverberating rhythms that grace your songs, there is also a message and of reality to connect with in them all. Keep up the work cos im a good fan of you!
Just to say it for the umpteenth time - your music is invigorating and the best thing to happen to African traditional music. It is addictive too!
Good day, I say kudos to you on all your songs because they stimulate me and arouse my spirit whenever I listen to your CDs. Keep on doing the good work
This is Solomon of our time. Thank God that I'm able to pass my comment across to beautifui Nubia who sings beautiful songs beautifully. Your lyrics are full of passion
I love your music. The sky is the begining of your success! keep on with the good work, cheers
You know what? I just love the lead singer's beautiful smile. That's just my opinion ! caio !
I just love your music, even after meeting you in Bowen University some years ago with my group, I loved you more and more, even in the UK at the moment, am falling more and more in love with you...I will meet you again soon....
The greatest creature I know in music industry is Beautiful Nubia cos you're beautiful indeed. Keep preaching to them until they turn new leaf.
Eni mo o'ko, eni ko o'mo. Igba t'o koko wa'ye, a'pe ni Orunmila Baba Ifa, aye isin to tun wa, a'pe ni Ifa Baba Orin. Let the wisdom play on.
i wish this could go to Beautiful Nubia himself..i so love his songs...lyrics are awesome and such a great personality he has...i just want to tell him He's the "only" typical African artiste Nigeria can be proud of...but he surely can do more than what he's doing now, he has it in him...i believe he can appeal to lovers of different "Genre"....all in all more grease to the elbow of Mr Akinlolu and his band...you guys are the best...
nothing touches my heart but ur music, makes me feel the spirit of humanity and makes me proud of who i am plus the colour of my skin. You're too much my brother, more knowlegde to your senses. My legend, you are more than the greatest creature on earth...i love you so much. PEACE
nubia, e ku ise o! am proud of u. Eledumare oba oke a maa fun yin se o. thanks for keeping the originality of our culture.
i love segun so much and his band - he brings out a lot in me. he made me to discover myself - i love you, honestly
I have been longing for this kind of mature music for so long. Beautiful Nubia your music is a blessing to my generation.
Nubia, you are indeed a blessing to this generation. I so much love the way you infuse your music with willful & stimulating rhythms. May God bless all your life's endeavours & crown all your efforts with success. Keep it up.
Hello Sir, it's wonderful I have this opportunity to express how I appreciate your music. You are really exceptional!!! 'What a feeling' is my favourite, it makes me feel like you are talking about me. My husband and I danced to it as our special song at our wedding on the 27th March 2010. We tried to have you come sing it live but we just couldn't reach you. Thank you so much for inspiring me with your songs. May the good Lord continue to bless you.
Baba, keep up the good work. Your music is tight. I'm really feeling it.
The beautiful one, keep the flag flying. The God of our ancestors will always be with you as you use your music to re-awaken the dead African spirit in us. You are truly BEAUTIFUL!
I love your songs. Hello bro, just wanna let you know your works give inspiration to some of us.
Dr. Segun, without mincing with words, you are a CHANGE AGENT in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Please keep the ball rolling. Whenever I listen to your songs it strengthens my soul. Love you!
You are the best!!
I will be there at this show [Sunday, May 2]. Thank you for feeding my soul with your music. Ku ise.
Traditional music at its very best. You are doing wonderfully great. Kudos to you for keeping Yoruba culture alive. Cheers.
Beautiful Nubia, I love your music. The sky is the begining of your success!
Anyway I am not surprised, you are a true son of the land (YORUBA). Please keep it up.
Music should strike fire from the hearts of men and bring tears from the eyes of women. Your music is divinely blessed.
The beautiful one, the more I listen to your songs the more I'm more addicted to them. You are the greatest thing to happen to Africa traditional music. Cheerio!
Your songs make me give life "all it takes" and also remind me always that "tables will turn".
Natural and rich are your lyrics and messages. Keep fit and keep the faith.
Nubia I love your music you are really reviving our traditions. Keep it up! SHALOM
I don't know what to say except "you're better by far". Keep it up!
You are a rare gem in the music industry. You are one of my role models. You will soar like an eagle...I know that for sure...just keep the flag flying.
I like the way you sing, the lyrics of your songs and the way you deliver messages to the whole world that I am a proud 'African boy'.
Oh what a feeling!!! Beautiful Nubia, see I dey gbadun you ee! No be lie. Ride on as the Lord, ride on the unblemished lamb which took Him into Jerusalem, so am saying the same thing to you that you should ride on from now in your musical realm.
May God bless you, from whom morals and good etiquette is being sent forth to mankind.
Lyrically you're the boss. Keep up the good work! Peace
I love your music. Love you.
Good music is all about soul. From the sonorous voice to the lyrics to the videos and his personalty, his team is the best for he who KNOWS. He's also a prophet like the great reggea legends. In short, I love him.
Beautiful Nubia is truly beautiful. Can't do without his sounds, especially in the morning. It keeps me going.
Hi BN! Kudos to you & your beautifu band. You're incomparable. I've been jumping from one music store to the other for weeks since I heard of IRINAJO before I got it 3 days ago. Good things are hard to comeby in 9ja! Well, we thank God for the invaluable he has bestowed Nigeria in you. Keep it up!
He is a good Nigerian promoting the culture, but please try and change your hairdo, it's not making you to be as handsome as you used to be! I gbadun you sir, the Lord is your strength.
I just love the man naturally because his music teaches and reminds me about the past, interesting childrens' plays, and his songs are centred on African culture and how to develop it so that we will not forget the values. To me, he is a God's send to Africans.
NUBIA to me means: N(ice) U(nequalled) B(eautiful) I(ndispensable) A(dorable). Your lyrics massage my soul.
Your music style is UNIQUE bro. YOU ARE TOO MUCH. One love.
i like your last album especially the "awero" track. and i want to be like you
i love your music and i have all the latest and old albums
I love your music - you bring out the beautiful culture of Africa. I pray God will give you strength and empower you.
I am listening to your new album - Irinajo. Yes... I believe change's gonna come soon!
Wow!! I love reading the lyrics to your music.. takes me back to the old days in Nigeria where elders will gather and give words of wisdom. The words to your music takes me to another place. Thank you for being YOU.
The Beautiful one, it's your time, continue blending our glorious past with the present to ensure a robust future of great fulfilment.
i love your songs...inspiring
I love the Irinajo album...You really did a nice job on it. Keep it up, love you.
I must confess that you have done a good job by letting your people know the way forward & by trying to revive our cultural heritage which seems to be going into extinction.
Persistence is what makes you so uniquely different from all others. Your music is a tradition alone that teaches one in the moral ways of life. Please,keep it up...
I love listening to your music becos it is motivational.
Exceptional, outstanding, original, True, Evergreen, great...all these are all an understatement to describe you and your music ...please do not relent
Whenever I listen to ur music, I always get lachrymose cos the words touch my heart, most especially, "All it takes" and "Down the street" tracks
Beautiful Nubia - a rare gem in the music industry has set a standard for all musicians both in and outside the African continent to meet in terms of composition, arrangement and voicing. Continue your good works! You are at the top! Do not relent pls. 07031998843.
The Beautiful one, keep on going, all your beautiful songs are what keep me going. Cannot but play them everyday. You are beautiful!
you are one of my heroes.
you are too much, i just want to use this medium to appreciate your work
You are the best...bravo
You are an attestation to the saying that "A Poet Who Is Not A Historian Is A Comedian" Your music carries life! Yes...your music has soul! My pain is that I don't own even one of your albums! In my part of the country we don't get such music easily!
Thank you for bringing the likes of Tunji Oyelana and Jimi Sholanke alive in this millenium. More grease to your elbow!
Listening to your VOICE is like a 'Virus infection' that spreads easily without cure. You are simply the 'NATURAL BEST'. Coming Soon, Harvestime, Irinajo & Kurunmi are really true for my situations. Hmm! You are a preacher.
Hi, the Beautiful one, Your new album Irinajo is superb and satisfying. It is a restatement of what you stand for viz;to revolutionise Africa traditional music. The 'Owolamo' track is my favorite as it hit the nail in the head on Nigeria's societal problems. BN, you are the greatest!
The words that come out of your mouth through your music, it has impact in our lives, it's a treasure and pleasure without measure.
your music often brings me to tears, it also has the power to enbolden me...my world is richer with you in it. i love you with my whole heart, pls keep the songs coming...it's essential to some lives.
i am fascinated by the depth of your words and the melodies. please keep it going. I love 'kunrunmi' to my bones. "carry goooo" sir.
your irinajo has once again confirmed what i always knew - you are a wonderful gift to all africans in these times and a true blessing to the world
if you have not gotten irinajo, you had better, this is the coming out album. yeah i know it sounds funny after five albums?? but i tell you the truth, the depth of words coupled with the clean production will blow you away... it will make you want to go get the previous albums cos you will ask yourself where have i been???
Hello Beautiful Nubia and the Band, I am always inspired when i listen to your songs. Thank you.
siete cabras, siete cuentas, Siete caracoles, siete frutos de cáscara, Siete vidas que es lo que tengo, soy un chico africano En el mar, por tierra. Que bien you the coolest, the best, the hailest, buenisimo, guapisomo. Am proud to be an African. Chacho God bless you
You are, to put it mildly, a rare songbird. Your music is so soul-stirring... All one needs to do is to listen to it late at night and one will be transported to another beautiful world
i love your music and your yoruba lyrics like kilokilo and irinajo.
i love your style of your composition and lyrics, in fact it shows the true Africanism in you.
You are the First before First in This Country...You are d Best Nubia.
i love your African outfit. keep it up my bros. i dey gbadun you.
Indeed you are a beautiful musician. I like the lyrics of Ikoko Akufo. The album (Jangabaljugbu) is too exceptional. All the songs therein are extremely ok. The sky is a stepping stone for you. You are good!
IRINAJO is a great innovation in the Nigerian music industry and it's a great search light on Nigerian politics. Egbon, please keep it up. The sky is your starting point!
The beauty in your name does not mean physical beauty but a spiritual one. The talent the Lord gives unto you to sing the songs that inspire millions of people is something of great privilege. Ride on Dr. Akinlolu!
Ikoko akufo kin soun amu rodo... I love the lyrics of that song. More power to your elbow.
You know I promised you @ uniben that when I become the presidnt, your songs will be our National Anthem. Always for you.
When should we expect a concert in Abeokuta? Can't we have BN fan's club on facebook?
Hello bro, just wanna let you know your works give inspiration to some of us. I am also pleased that now I can actually visit the lyrics section to get the message you're preaching. Please how do I get the yoruba version of "Ka jo ma se po"? The one in the lyrics section has been translated. Your works are too loaded for one to miss the real stuff, something that happens with translation.
Who is Kunrunmi???? I am speechless. That Song (Kunrunmi is on the way) makes me go numb every time I listen. What a song. Who is this Kunrunmi???
I've always said it that Eniobanke's ingenuity is awesome. I know irinajo is another giant stride... don't relent.
Without missing a word: you are a great man...kudos to you and your band. May Almighty God lift you higher than you ever imagine. You are too much!
You are just too much. Please keep it up. You can make it to Grammy. Luv you!
I'm still searching for a word or words to qualify you, till then no comment. But...I'm speechless.
Just heard you for the first time on public radio in Albuquerque, NM...Kurunmi Is On The Way... beautiful! Thanks!
blessed and still living...you're doing well....If you want to be perfect, just one thing! Change the lace of your site from Jamaica to Nigeria. Dear Shola, Thanks for your message and observation. The colours on the website are part of the colours of life. No country has the right to claim any colours or combination of colurs solely as its own. Those are some of BN's favourite colours and that's why they are there. They do not refer to or represent any country.
BN I don't know how to express my love for your music. It's for those that care to listen. Keep it up. e je a sii maa b'awon so.
You are the one I am looking for. Your music maked me feel on top of the world. Kudos.
Your music is the best of its kind. Keep the flag flying.
You are inspiring me with your music!
I really like your music. Anytime I am hearing it I am happy 2 ur music.
BN's music isn't just music but an African high rated music that serves as an example for upcoming artistes who have chosen music as a career.
Your music is exclusive. Continue gyrating.
The first time I came across the name Segun Akinlolu, I felt like this is just one of the many Nigerians, but Beautiful Nubia is a world class Nigerian. Keep on moving Bro, cos you've got seven lives, you are an African boy.
You don't have to look too far to see the effect of your words and music on people. You have been used to touch and change lives, amongst them me.
I'm so happy you just keep getting better by the day, I pray the good Lord will continue to enrich you with that thing that makes you a unique person. I don't know how you do it, but with "prayers for you" you did it again, it's as if you are talking to me, and you make me cry. God bless you - my prayers for you.
Nubia, let the struggle to liberate our dear country from the whims and caprices of the oppressors through music continue and I pray God grants you the required inspirations. Ride on bro, you are too much.
Good job big Broz.
Nubia, I'm wishing you a very merry xmas and prosperious new year...this year will be a fruitful, glorious and a fulfilment that flourishes you to a new life, new hope, new dawn, new song and new spiritual development...(amen)
Nubia, I love you. Thanks for all the sacrifies you are making to give the best to this generation.
You are a God sent to heal this generation of its infirmities!
I love the way you handle your programme. We met last year. This is Femi from IITA Ibadan.
Beautiful Nubia, in fact, you're my artist of the decade...your music, beats, taste, videos, lyrics and, in short, everything. Man, you are the bomb. In fact, more palm wine for you!
Keep it up!
This year God will change your pains to pleasure. Keep up the good work. Your music is unique and the best. I love you. Happy New Year.
Hi Bros, how are you doing? How is work and family? Happy new year, may God will continue to be with you. You will not fail. God will continue to strengthen you. I really love your music.
I wish all the fans of Beautiful Nubia both home and abroad a properious new year.
I wish you and all the Renaissance Band a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Compliments to all the fans of the master of dynamic African folk music. Wishing you more witness of it on earth in good health and joy.
Your music is unique and has traditional undertones. You are a true African man to the fullest. Keep the flag of music flying high in the sky and the sky will not be your limit but the starting point. God is your limit. All the best in life.
More palm oil to your elbow. I have only two words for you...we hope to see you in WODAM Gran Canaria 2010. We love you. God bless you.
I always love your music and i'm your big fan.keep it up brov.
comrade, ur lyrics and messages really give me more inspiration and motivation on how life is generally. Keep it up, Baba Shegun...
the moral lessons in your songs are sine que non . i really like your music. please keep it up.
It is always a great thing to showcase african beauty. beautiful nubia, you have done the race of africans proud.just don't get tired.
Baba,i am a big fan of your music and ur message.
there is always power in our music. our cultural, musical and rythmical beauty. nubia is doing this.
i have been inspired by every line of his music
i love you so dearly Nubia. you have set a remarkable pace in the entertainment industry. i feel sorry for the death of your dad.
of course this life is not forever, so everybody must go. The death of your father touches everybody especially your motherland[nigeria].
keep it going brother, we love your music. it's very inspirational.
where is "IRINAJO"? 'cos i can wait any longer. i am enjoying you the more, i've just bought apa kinni and keji of AWILELE. It's just too much.
I actually saw the film 'narrow path' and I have fallen in love with the song Ikoko akufo ever since, I have tried getting a copy, the short clip on this site is sufficing for now, as i have and playing it at the time i sent this. Thanks and God bless you all. Funke.
Your music is like food to my soul and I like the way you are projecting and protecting African culture. More power to your elbow, may Olodumare be with you always.
Thanks to God for people like you. Your being Natural has brought you so far. By the grace of God the sky is your limit. I do and I WILL always enjoy your music. More annoiting, more Grace and Favour for u.
Your kind of music makes to feel that the world is Vanity.....We came to this world with nothing and we shall go back with nothing..but live a Good Life.
keep on moving with THAT spirit. i luv ur music, they give meaning to life
whenever i am angry with my fiancee she got to know my best musician so she plays my track that is ife oloyin, i am calmed immediately i hear the renaissance sound. egbon you are a hero indeed
I love your musik so much
Beautiful Nubia is not only a musician but a father and a role model to the upcoming young artistes. In every way, his music is always either a mouthpiece for the populace or a song you need to listen to and gain one or two things from.
your music is just right for all my moods and situations. keep it up.....love you!!!!!
I love your music, you are a rare gem.
Your music is original. I love you whole heartedly. God will continue with you.
BN, After reading thru all the appraisals, I felt so excited but something rang to my thoughts: pls do not relent, because much praises bring more challenges and expect more best. You shall not decrease in value. GOD made you a living legend of time. Keep it up. ALAAFIA EDUMARE
You are too much and you should keep it up doing wonderful works. God will keep strengthening you.
It's only unity that can take us to where we are going, so united we stand. Keep it up my guy. May you walk and never stumble. I cherish you. You are there for us and we are there for you. From H.O.D DU LISABI {UNAAB}.
Love your music. You are too much! Keep it up and, please, when is the album Irinajo coming out? Forever your fan...
More grease to your elbow. Work more on your songs to make life easy for the poeple of this country and the rest of the world.
In fact,I'm short of words. You are too much. All your songs are very mysterious and realy touch and change d life of people. I discovered who I am the first time I heard your songs "OHUN OJU RI" AND TABLES TURN". Continue as u are promoting the culture of our father's land....Nigeria. Good people and a great nation are proud of you. I am a force man but I'm so much interested in d formation of NUBIA Fans Club in the state.
I like your music. Keep it up, you are one of the best. I am one of fans!
Beautiful Nubia is doing well. He's giving us the real African beat. Whenever i play his music, I always remember home. Keep it up! The Lord is on your side.
I love your songs, they are very inspirational at all times. Keep it up!
Segun, I am proud of you. Keep the world rocking.
Dr. Nubia, well done...more power to your elbow. From a vet student at Unibadan.
You're too much Nubia!
Mr. Sege! You are too much. If you could explore yourself, you must be a prophet rendering your divine service in music industry. Anyway, I can't say it all but I make sure I let people know you every day. Do not relent!! Fidelity yours, Ajibade Ayodeji.
Let the trumpet ring, Deep into the forest-deep of the Delta, Beat the drums, loud Let your folks hear the timbre of its sound Voices, loud and pure Sing, Invoke the spirits of our forebears Let our leaders hear and hearken For the time is NOW! Our dying country needs to be awakened Lets warn our leaders Of the dangers ahead Lets ask tearful questions Why are they not building new schools? Why are they not spending our common sweats For the betterment of all? Why? Beautiful Nubia, sing on, Warn them, For there is a glowing fire on the mountain Tell them, For the people are ready We are tired of politics and policies We want some reality here, And I hope and pray, That one day, One bright day, Awilele Your word shall stand! I gbadun your proverb and MUSIC very well (Mr Beautiful Nubia)!
You are consistent. Keep it up!
Great Nubia!
You rock!!!!
I've watched the Awilele/Fere video. BN is very creative as expected. I'm not disappointed. In fact the message in "Tables Turn" is more pronounced. More power to your elbow BN and the Root Rennaisance Band. But when are we going to see the "Mama Agba's twilight Tale" video because the track is where the album's title "FERE" comes out. Cheerio!
A friend once asked the great composer Haydn why his music was always so full of gladness. He answered: "I cannot make it otherwise. I write according to the thoughts I feel" -Van Dyke. Thank for the good music!
We are feeling your great impart in and within us. I can see you are building the nation the best way. I love you Bro. Do not relent - the time is very near to reap the fruits of the good you sowed into lives and homes. I see you don't display your poems here anymore. I love your poem WAITING FOR THE BONES...
I luv u and I luv ur music
Segun, you are unique. Your folk songs send a lot of messages to people, especially the youths. I have always been your fan. Keep up the good work and I pray that Edumare will continue to give you the inspiration. Amin Ase
The world is at present denigrating the values that mother Africa has for the rest of the world. Our cultural values are being eroded and it takes only people like you to bring back the lost glories which the Nubians gave to the black race. I have a dream that a time will come when the whole world will begin to see things through the eyes of Africa. NKOSI SIKILEL' 'iAFRICA
I love your music and your dressing as an African Man. You are my favourite musician.
I love your music and I am always interested in just watching you performing.
Hi, all I can say is I LOVE you so DEARLY!
I can now see the truth of all you've been singing again from the little time I spent at home during this ASUU strike. It is clear to us that these our leaders are only interested in their own pockets and not the development of the nation.Won ko lati so otito fun wa, look please and please continue the way you normally advice them o. Maybe some day they will turn their table to the good side of life and engage themselves in doing good and helping the leaders of tomorrow.
ur songs have joined two people together----iretiola and femi. pls don't relent cos there are thousands of people that listen to ur songs daily as their daily words of wisdom, encourage and hope for a bright future.
BN, am speechless....I watch the video and, brother, your too much...our future lies in the African skies. We can't give up.
I am really enjoying ur song. Dat is d truth ki olorun wa pe lu yin. God bless u and protect u in jah name, amen.
Wow... your my best musician. I listen to your songs each time I am missing home.. it really makes me cry. Thanx for being a genius.
I love you, I love your songs, I love Ikoko Akufo, I love Onile Ayo. I love your music.
To every generation/nation GOD has sent a prophet & prophets deliver GOD's message by different methods/means. Only if we listened & acted on the mesage that HE sent through you, our world would be a better place.
He is a great singer, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a police checkpoint in Ojota. I had spent more than 500 naira looking for Jangbalajugbu which sold for 150 then; however he showed me to Eniobanke records in Ogba. I later got the cassette at his office at Ikeja, which was closer to my station then. BN is indeed loved by all who know real music.
I like beautiful nubia and his music. I presume segun akinlolu is a very humble man so I love him 4 that too.
Always a big fan of BN! I discovered him long before many started to give him a thought. I wouldn't know if BN can still remember his coming to OAU, Ife in 2005. I happened to be the person (then a football commentator) who 1st introduced him to the mammoth crowd who had come for a football match. Meeting him is something i treasure so much. He, in fact, gave me& my girl-friend a complimentary copy of his AWILELE album. I regard him as an artiste whose music is born into a wrong generation. His music belongs to the 70's, widely regarded as the best decade of Nigerian music & indeed, the Nigerian nation. Long live BN!
Good music always outlives the singer. You are the legendary King of Folk music. Great works, more power!
Nubia plz ar u 4rm 9ija? Ar u a native of yoruba land? Bcos i can see d way u dress i realy admire it keep it up
Egbon, kudos to you...I dey feel ur work anytime, anyday.
Segun the best.
Broder, it's great to hear your newest song because I cannot wait any longer. Besides, your music is evergreen, it inspires me any time I listen to it. Keep it up. God is with u.
You are more than a musician.
I'm always on top of the world when I listen to ur music. Ur music is so good for an african man, it lets us know the right thing. I'm so proud of u b'cos u make the world know our culture, u are my role model in music. I like all ur songs most especially table turns, oruko rere, ma foya & ohun oju ri. God will give u more knowledge. I luv u.
I'm always on top of the world whenever I listen to your songs which I cannot but do each day or else my day will not be complete. Really can't wait to meet you in person. You are the best thing to happen to African traditional music. Really love your music!
I love your songs
I wish every listener could overcome the desire for contemporary rhythm that has arrested their hearts and deprived them access to the words of wisdom, hope, peace, unity and love (imperatve for mutual co-existence and progress) that makes up the body of Beautiful Nubia's music. It's beyond the rhythm, go for the lyrics.
Each time i listen 2 any of ur songs, i often reflect on them 'cos dey r phylosophical, poetic & inspiring...If only we could propagate d gospel of luv & care 4 one anoda; d world will be a beta dwelling place. Jeun soke Eniobanke, God is ur strength!
I like u because you are proud of who you are. Your songs are inspiring. With people like you, our cultural heritage will never go into extinction. I am so proud to be an African.
i love all ur songs, they give me hope and each time i listen to them, i feel like picking a pen. ur songs inspire me.
I like your mode of music. Keep it up.
I often feel nostalgic abt my childhood & d rich cultural heritage which i thought was lost; bt wt ur music i've always been re-assured dat d African & Yoruba antecedents aren't lost. Keep up d gud work.
I love everything you stand for baba - we appreciate you all the time
Keep the good work
Thank you so very much for your enlightening and socially conscience contributions to world music. I love your melodic sense and rhythms. Please don't ever stop. Ire, Makanjuola
ability is like a smoke, it can't be covered with a basket. you are a genius, may your shadow never grow less
Beautiful Nubia is a LEGEND in NIGERIA that I and Nigeria in general can never forget because his PHILOSOPHICAL music has performed wonders in the life of most people among whom I AM. YOU ARE, TO BE SINCERE, A PROPHET!!!
U are wonderful.Keep on with d good work.
Beautiful Nubia is the best musician whom i love most and i wish to be one of his band boys
Yes, he is a modern prophet, and a true fighter for the rights of the poor through his music. I am very proud of you brother.
Your songs are full of wisdom. Thank you.
I Can't stop thinking about Beautiful Nubia's song "Tables Turn". Back @ U.I inside Trenchard Hall in 2007. When i remember that day and what happened thereafter, I see B.N as a true prophet who i can rely on regarding what the future holds for us. The tables will continue to turn.
Beautiful Nubia, you are great. You've changed lifes, converted souls from evil to good. You are great. God has made you great. Thanks.
you are a true african man,vi keep listening to your music as if am hearing it for the first time, you always make my day.
In Nigeria, i've been been listening to the same kind of music. your music is the only music that is "different" with deep meanings and passing messages. just keep up the good work. you are just endowed!
i luv you toooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh
Man of profound poetry, you are my single favourite artist in the world. Baby I wanna love you - can't stop listening to that song...
I am proud 2 be an african boy and Segun Akinlolu makes me 2 be.
Physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, culturally u are good, in fact u are worthy of the title "king of culture".
Hi Segun, I am a music lover even from my child-hood. I want to make you my mentor most especially in the aspect of how to play box guitar. Thanks. Segun! you are a man of culture, continue to promote our culture.
our culture is our heritage. Segun Akinlolu I love the way you promote Yoruba culture, and I love your style of music generally. please carry on.
hi nubia i really like ur music, i want u to send me some info on how u started ur musical career.
Beautiful Nubia a man of perception, u are just 2 good pls keep d ball rolling.
I am head over heels in love with all your albums, the voice, melody and everything. You are a cultural icon and a good man. Carry on Eniobanke.
i am one of ur fans, i love ur music so keep on
Whenever i listen to my favourite tracks 'Tables Turn' , something gives me strong hope and 'elekodere' shows me that hardwork pays - Asiko Eledumare Lo Dara. Always keep me posted on new develpoments.
God will bless your home
I've seen people with different contributions to the development of this our great society, but your own is different. The rhythm, lyrics and melody of your songs have turned so many peoples life around for good. Talking from experience. I love beautiful nubia. Wish to meet you one on one again.
Frm Jangbalajugbu to Awilere to Fere and now Kilokilo. And you are still touching everybody's minds. I also agree with you that this nation will be a great place one day. Beautiful Nubia Baba! You are one in a million.
Some of my friends do ask me why i like your music. i tell them you are a man of wisdom, a man of great cultural background who values his culture and bringing people up in it, a great man with vision. I say kudos to you, more grease to your elbow. i enjoy all your tracks, keep it up.
a great philosopher of our time
To listen to your music every day is a must for me. I have no favourite songs, they are all special. Thank you for the music, Baba!
Kilokilo is mind-blowing! Permit me to join others in crowning you - King of modern African music. Your music is out of this world!
You're the best so far, i luv you Beautiful Nubia!
Each time we speak about African culture we always talk about you as the only Nigeria artist who sees Africa at large as a place that could be better than this.
what can i say than to say you are the best, the king and the true african songbird of our time. keep moving and see you at the top
BN Baba! You are the greatest musician of our time!!!
how u dey? i still see the future hope of africa music and culture in you. pls do not relent at all. more praises, more challenges. i will still be praying for you and crusade your good works. KEEP IT UP HAPPY NEW MONTH ALAAFIA EDUMARE
Kindly make all your albums in reach of the people for immediate consumption,i hardly get them around.
i love listening to all ur music most especially oro ikilo, nice song.
I love listening to all your music especially that FERE and even all your videos all because of your cultural activities.
your music is a classic one that lifts spirits at a time of great confusion. thanks making me have a hope for tomorrow.
You are specially created from God Almighty because you've changed my life a lot with your style of music in the sense that you make me feel like a normal person and you make feel i have a better tomorrow each time i listen to your music. in short you are God-sent to this our generation. keep up the good work, a living legend.
People have said it all, but it is imcomplete without adding my voice to the numerious very wise words spoken about you and your songs. You are truly an ambassador of peace and Hope in this troubled and hopeless world. Good and rich music for the soul to cherish. Keep it up.
i luv ur music, it gives me inspiration anywhere anytime, i'm not tired of listening to ur music, i have all the albums. pls keep it coming
I have come to respect your ingenuity and class as a musician. I think you are the greatest Nigerian musician ever, definitely the most creative
I had interest in ur music when i saw u on Ltv in d yr 2003 @ d age of 13. i had great interest in u and ur level of thinking, music and lifestyle. i have ur 5 albums. u inspire me and i wish to see u physically. i will lìke to join ur muzic sch. thanks
Many say wacko jacko is their idol, Nubia is mine. Keep it up.
Man, I know we've not seen anything but a tip of the iceberg! Keep it up,we're right there with you...
beautiful nubia really inspired me especialy with his 'fere' album where he talked about poor man, you are d best
i love you from itutell and also your music
I'm glad to tell u dt as micheal jackson is sum people's idol, u are my idol. Sky is ur startin point
Beautiful Nubia, I loovee ur Music. Aahh... U are one in a million. Enough of all these jagbajantis music that these boys are playing. Nubia...you are too much. Keep on the good work. Ominira ti de.
Man, I don't realy what, but I love the music passionately, I've listened to the CD up to 3times today and yet I'm not satisfied, it reminds me of my upbringing, most especially "TABLES TURN".
i cant just wait to hear asayan and irinajo. i trust you because your works are just too superb.
i love your lyrics, they are motivational. "ikoko akufo" is my best track.
just to say hi, we enjoy your music.
i am one of your fans, i enjoy your music. cheers
In fact I wish I could be like you one day with all these ur beautiful works. Kudos
Lovely music!
Highly beloved lyricist, we await your next work eagerly. Your music is incomparable joo!
whatz up doc, i really miss you, hope to see you soon, in nigeria, i love you bye,
It fascinates and brings out the true African in me when I see men and women who are not taken in by the mad rush to be seen as whom they are not. Men and Women who are proud of their heritage. Without mincing words, you are a leading light in this group of people. Let the music flow, I only hope those who have ears will listen. KILOKILO actually hits the nail on the head. God bless you brother.
I'm listening to Kilokilo - just love, love it. Brother in Arms, you are true revolutionary and a special gift to our people.
Ur music is magical and supremely melodious. Ur words inspire and enlighten. March on my African prophet!
I will always say and continue to say: you are a musician in Nigeria that is always passing a message when singing. U are "good"
love 4 ever, god will bless u and i
just like God, none of his word goes by without fulfillment. none of your music goes by without a message. i'm glad we have somebody like you in Nigeria.
Really love your music bro,if you wanna kill me,just take away BN's music from me lol. That's sarcastic okay,sincerely i love your natural outlook about life and what goes around it. I value your transparency about your real background. Just keep it up k,one love
The first time I heard Owuro Lojo I couldn't believe my ears. Since then I have come to see you as a source of the most beautiful,powerful, uplifting music. Your reward is on the way!
your music is a music of hope and "different" with deep meanings. i like your style of music. you are "too much". keep it up!
I lost my co-ordination when I heard you twice on Eko FM. I gbadun you.
i dont know what to say
I love ur music.
U are a musician per exellence.In fact all ur LPs are fantastic. And all ur songs were inspirational. U are a prophet of our time.
u are doing great beautiful nubia, keep it up, when i listen to those songs...wonderful tins happen to me
I have known you and your songs as far back as 2003 when i was an undergraduate in the University of Ibadan,and now in 2009, 6 years after my first time of hearing your song,i was thinking of what real and rich African song/music to play for my heartrob, a jamaican girl,then i remember your songs and again here in United state of America, we play it @ home, on our way to work everyday and ...we cant just have enough of it.
I like your style of music and the message.
You are simply amazing. I listened to Jangbalajugbu and thought you stopped there. A friend later told me you did more. Here I am discovering you released it in 2002, 7 years ago! Waoh! Here I am making up my mind to get the remaining six of your albums and with a decision to attend your next show. These are phenomenal changes in my life. May God continue to enrich your singing prowess the more.
I really appreciate your effort so far as an erudite of Yorubaland. I love and cherish your Yoruba lyrics. I love your style. Keep it up. MORE POWER TO YOUR ELBOW.
I don't know what to call Beautiful Nubia but my first meeting with him was what I needed and his music depicts a very rich culture of African music. Once again I believe our culture is not lost.
Truly music is the food of the soul, without it we would find ourselves in a strange world.
I love u Beautiful Nubia.
I just can't explain what to call your music, "beautiful", I guess, cos even my five year old always what wants me to play him "What a feeling". Really you do great music. Keep it flowing my brother.
I am a Youth Corps member serving in Imo State. I just love your music and u in particular. Just keep it up, the sky is just the beginning for you. Love you.
I really luv ur music. It makes me believe even though I am an African I can raise my head up wherever I go. I really luv ur 'FERE' album, especially the track 'IKOKO AKUFO' and I know there is more from where ur music comes from. Kudos to the man I call Africa's Legend. You are just too much.
I'm left with no doubt in my mind that BN has a deep understanding of music trends. Your kind of music and style makes you a unique icon of music. My thumb-up for you. Just keep on singing. I love your music.
Yes at last I can say something about my most inspired artist. BN you are great and I love the natural rythm you give my soul. One luv my brother.
BN u are too much for my likening, in fact ur music is the order of the day. Indeed u are great. Well doing mr icon.
1. You make me know that the opinion of people about me can never determine my worth in life. 2. By listing to "Poor Man Stand in Laughing", it gives me the mind set that we should never loose hope on people around us. Instead, pray and support them with all we have. I love your songs, rhythm, lyrics and everything about you. I remain your fan till eternity. I wish to meet you one day. You remain my mentor in inspiration.
Olusegun Akinlolu, speechless that is what you make me feel anytime I come here to make a comment about you. But today I have to say this; your image in my imagination is greater than any other human I have met. I wish we grew up together, you will be my best of friends. One of my dream in life is to see you someday and have a live chat with you.
The 27th of May was one of my best and most memorable days. Seeing BN for the very first time. I saw the venue on the calender a day to the programme and I made up my mind to be there on all conditions. Though I am not a LASU-ite, I am using this opportunity to appologise for the misconduct of some of the students. I love you. I just have to tell you that you are too unique and natural. there is no "A D A L U". Starting with owuro lojo, seven lifes, oruko rere, iya agba twilight, lekeleke, what a feeling. you are my MENTOR.
I do listen to your music and I have so much interest cos it teaches moral which made me 2 rate u as my favorite and best artist in Nigeria. My sincere apology 2 u on ur visit to Lagos State University on what happned after your show at the school; such is meant to happen in such environment.I was opportuned to see u as my best musician that day but unfortunately I had no opportunity to snap with u nor signing an autograph. Bye 4 now.
I have seen kings but not without a crown and yet still commanding respect. "awa na ba oba jeun o!asi dupe lowo olorun!" You are great sir.
BABA you are the MASTER of rock and root with melodious and heart-touching lyrics which really unveils some hope in the future for especially the youth and basically the rejected poor and honest people. I dey really feel you even to the last depth of my heart. I LOVE THE WAY YOU DISGUISE ON FRIDAY ON ROCK CITY FM BUT WE SABBY OUR MAN EVEN THROUGH VOICE. What other best evergreen should we be expecting this year. You are the reformer idol of the African culture, tradition and ethics. BN,.....WE WILL MEET AT OKE BOLA, NI SOUNDS OF JOY. ALAAFIA EDUMARE from atot
A yr ago, I felt B. Nubia had sadly been rendered irrelevant in the Nigerian music game by the new club-poli-shayo-money sex sex sex musicians. I really felt sad that Truth had been murdered until I reasoned that B.N's music is for future posterity. I pray thatt may Olodumare give u ur own wife, money and children. Keep on saying the truth. If you're neglected by 2day's popular crazy music game, tomorrow will remember you.
I love your music and your display action on the stage and your music give me inspiration. Whenever I hear the music I always feel good.
You are indeed an ICON to the Yoruba and the world entirely. Myself, my friends and the entire household of Ganiu's family like you.
I love the fact that you are African and you still value the culture and tradition. Seven Lifes is a true reflection of a true African boy. Just thank the Lord you are Afican.
A special person deserves the best of everything. A big thanks to the creator who made a wonderful person like you. Keep selling us to the world, our tradition, our culture, our rhythm, our groove, our message and all the beautiful things about our country. Let them hear more of your word of wisdom. I see them everywhere on the street wasting their lives away, they can't find direction to put there energy..... E ma bawon so.
Your star continues to shine. Your message is incomparable and, no doubt, it is reaching the people. You are the man!
You have a very unique style of music, in fact, your style of music is the BEST cos it affects the lives of many Nigerian youths positively.I can never forget the nice time I had with your crew the last time you came to OAU-Ife. I love all your music with no exceptions. Carry on and God is your strength.
20 years from now, your music would still be making waves. It's just so meaningful, soothing and beautiful as your name signifies. Your music just makes me see HOPE.
I like everything about your music especailly Seven Lifes and Mabawoso and others. thanks
i love you too much! your music is the best!!!
When I listen to your guys' music, it touches me morally and emotionally. You guys should just try and keep it up. Thanks.
I admire your kind of music;it is instructive, educative and entertaining. Ride on BeautifulNubia, God is your strength.
yes, we`ll be great 2morro. we that dare speak the truth.
correct man, u have done it as ur fathers used to do. Keep it up, God is on ur side. kudos for sege wonder. That is the name i gave u since i heard about u. thanks............
nice and spetacular musician, am still feeling u man, and i wanna tell u i really appreciate u on my side. bye for now.
your music is evergreen music and I pray for more inspiration for you to do more and the best
I think you represent a force of change and ur music is full of pleasant suprises. Keep on shining, great African songbird.
You have inspired me and my buddies more than you can imagine. Your music will live forever. Ase!
Briefly speaking, you are indeed an inspiration to me morally and musically. Love You.
you are real with those Africa life cherish and waken up sound lyrics from lethargy. what's next for this year? can't afford to wait. ALAAFIA EDUMARE
Brother, i love to be like you. you are my role model.
people are saying it that u were once a Kegite member,even gan u are a Chief.is it true or what?
Segun Akinlolu is such a man with great and rare talents. This, he has displayed when he veered off his first calling and took to singing. His kind of music has not only entertained the people but has brought sanity into our great country, Nigeria. Tracks like Tables turn, Se ban daro ara wa and small people's anthem have shown his love for the masses and talked to the conscience of our leaders. Pls keep it up. God bless.
i just gbadun you.... well, i will like if i can be listening to ur music often and often.
The style of your music is unique because it portrays real african style and no western style. it is a good work, that is why i love hearing your music whenever am in distress. it heals me of my heart sickness. kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudooooooooooooooooooosssssssss to you. we are expecting more from you.
u are jst too good
I have no other comment than 2 say u keep it up cauz we all love you man
nubia you are just too much, I love everything that portrays yoruba culture, I have joy when I listen to your music, your spoken english is very nice but the surprise is that it doesn't have a negative effect on our native language. Gbaski for youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
u are wonderful,i love all of ur music. keep it up. i am also known as beautifulnubia jr
I love virtually all your music because you portray african norms and values. Thank you my big brother!
"What a feeling" is my best track. I love your music. They are traditional songs that we need now. It is entertaining & educative. Don't derail from your style of singing 'cos with time people will appreciate you. Also, keep the good relationship between you and your band going. May God continue to give you more wisdom and inspiration.
Great One! Where do these songs come from? Kilokilo is blowing my mind (and I once thot Jangbala couldn't be bettered!). I think your gift comes from the highest purest source. Keep on keeping bro!
Meaningful music is hard to find these days. Your words, in English or Yoruba, speak to me. Your music means a lot to those of us who need an alternative voice.
segun you make me think there is hope for poor people. that life one day will have mercy on them. one day the table is going to turn.
Segun Akinlolu makes me remember my favorite poem - Rejoice by REG Amatoe. I like the fact that he makes me proud of my heritage. Thumbs up Great Man.
i can't stop loving you, because u are too unique. i am your fan home and abroad. please get us some of the videos of kilokilo. sir, you are too much. God will continue to strengthen you.
hi bn. keep on doing your good job cos you are 2much. may the peace of the lord be WITH YOU.
egbon mi, you are too much. Individuals have deffrent gifts from God, i must let you know that your own gift is unique. Am an indigine of kabba in kogi state and i have made you my hero, you are my number ONE musician, please keep it up. I have not gotten awilele (audio & video) and also kilokilo video, i have the rest, ikoko akufo e soun amu yongan! More grease to you elbow!
Segun's music is classically blended with all vigour of ''africanism''. It's music you listen to in Miami and you will be breathing the air of Oyo Alaafin. I can't stop listening to ''Seven Lifes''. The evocative temperament of the song is quintessential.
I love all of your music with no exceptions. They motivate, inspire and is rich with our culture, you are a wonderful gift to this generations of ours. Keep up the good works, may God give you more power, inspiration and wisdom. Alafia Edumare!
This is one of your fans and just to tell you that your music is unique, meaningful and a blessing to our generation, you are a musician that i can always boost of and Nigeria as a whole.
I love Ikoko Akufo and Mama Agba's twilight. How do I describe the lyrics in Tables turn. Even my fanatical younger sister loves that track. Hope to attend one of your shows someday. You're simply breath taking. Aluta Continua.
I luv ur music(cultured)
you are bringing back the yoruba culture that is dying, you have been able to teach the young ones who do not know anything or much about about our culture through your songs. keep it up, man. hope to meet you one on one some day.
i just love this man. i would like to see him perform in ijebu ode. he is indeed a man of great hope for AFRICA!.
always inspiring, ever soothing - i am in love with your voice. your music is beyond ordinary, it takes a deep mind to understand the words, rhythm and melody. it will take years for most people to appreciate you, what a shame!
I'm a fan of yours, and I always love listening to your music every day and night. I love Beautiful Nubia and he his my mentor.
I'm one of ur great fans. Ur music triggers on my dreams 2 become great & reminds me who i am
your music makes me strong and gives courage to face life...and i am grateful we have one like you in the music world. thanks!
BN's Music over the years has been my source of Inspiration. For me, his Music is the right tonic for my soul. His works are real spiritual and will uplift one's soul. I look forward to more of his works. Don't mind Economy Meltdown, it's now we need your music. The whole world is in Crisis and We want good Music for our Soul to rekindle. Keep the Good Music on. Francis Shonubi NSE,Abeokuta.Ogun
I like all your tracks because any time i play your CD, some of the lyrics always touch my spirit. it has also helped me in my acedemics because am a litrature student. i wish to see you one day just for a handshake. thank you so much.
I feel da existence closer to me than anyone again. Some of da lyrics touch ma inspirations that i consider the option of joining you as the best. Welcome!
your music is my tonic, i really love the album "fere".
Great musician and a blessing to our generation. i love you
Sir, you opened my eyes with your lyrics, thank you very much. I am a fan for life!!!
i have been a fan since jangbalajugbu, fere is awesome and kilokilo confirms everything you are - man of culture, man of wisdom, champion of justice
I can't get over the lyricism of your works and the ingenious way you can somehow create a sweet sound out of those words, simply amazing!
Kudos to u sir, ur musik is a great message to all listeners. i cherish u, MAY UR DAYS B LONG! (Ase)
I came across your albums Fere and Jangbalajubu today, 020309, and bought them straightaway from Sterns. I love Yoruba Folklore and Music and this album connected in a very big way. Ire O.
Hey Bros, your music is precious to me... and we are waiting for another one soon... I LOVE YOU WITH YOUR RENAISSANCE BAND. THANK YOU
Richly endowed culturally and morally - it's amazing we still have a wonderful musician we can actually listen to, not just dancing. "ife oloyin" takes to me ecstasy, "Lamentation" drives me to tears, Tables' Turn and small people's Anthem are though provoking- i just love this guy! keep up the good work
i must confess every music of yours is inspiring. i love you.
Beautiful Nubia, I love You and your music style, keep the good work going. Ife Oloyin drives me to tears each time i listen, Lamentation is though provoking, small people's anthem is chastening- keep the good work
when are we gonna see you in georgia? we could understand dat u've been busy but find time for us in georgia too. lots of love from al ya fans in georgia.
i love your tables turn and ife oloyin from "fere". Kilokilo is a great album too. keep on keeping on!
You are our family artist, everyone is crazy about your music including my 93 year old grandma. U are an inspiration
I'm an adherent admirer of your music. I love the flavour of your music. It stands at a distance and is overtly unique. At the moment I'm carrying out my M.A research on your music in relation to digital media.
Each time you release an album it becomes my best, i believe you are a prophet from JAH, All our ancestors in Africa and the past Rastafarians guide you more.
i love you new album kilokilo, it is a very good album, please keep it up. God will always keep you through. one thing i always do for you is always make all my friends hear your music - both ibo, hausa and other tribe. i so much love your music - keep it up. jangbalajugbu!
ur new album, kilokilo is d bomb. i hear ur songs when reading and alone. anyway, i hv passed this album 2 one of my friends who loves ur tracks. pls continue with d african album
"i feel so proud to be here i feel so much like the itinerant african poet, who wanders between villages and market places And what does he do? He gets to the midst of the people And say poeple give me words! As he starts to feed the poeple with poetry of wisdom... Your art lives in my performances Father, your heart birthed my growing words...
You are a distinct personality. I love your unique style. Keep on moving
Kings, Queens and Presidents will bow for you because you are Distinct. I will always love you and your Music.
meeen! the music is tight, raw and unpretentious, the beautiful one is born and alive!!
it is widely ackowledged that you represent a new breed of artist, promoting pride in ourselves and believing in the future. i love what u stand for...
my babygirl luvs ur song and we both enjoy ur music. keep it up
I love your music.
I dey always enjoy your music when ever i want to relax and enjoy. Your are just good. Talk to the people all the time, Baba Mimo will always Guide and protect. Keep up the Good work.
i like your style of music
Bro your music is what i can never miss cos it gives a lot of inspiration, and it leads and guides me in my ways... Thanks soooooooo much!!! We are still waiting for more from you.
Oh what a feeling!...can't express myself. You are just too unique, natural and spectacular. I really wish all music artists will borrow a leaf from your style. Keep it up bro. You are my number one!
I love kilokilo so much. do quick, release another one soon.
you have been so great and phenomenal. just keep it up, you still have so much to achieve. love you
Let the trumpet ring, Deep into the forest-deep of the Delta, Beat the drums, loud Let your folks hear the timbre of its sound Voices, loud and pure Sing, Invoke the spirits of our forebears Let our leaders hear and hearken For the time is NOW! Our dying country needs to be awakened Lets warn our leaders Of the dangers ahead Lets ask tearful questions Why are they not building new schools? Why are they not spending our common sweats For the betterment of all? Why? Beautiful Nubia, sing on, Warn them, For there is a glowing fire on the mountain Tell them, For the people are ready We are tired of politics and policies We want some reality here, And I hope and pray, That one day, One bright day, Awilele Your word shall stand!
Hello beautiful one, your music is without doubt the only link I have with soul singers like Oyelana, Solanke, Kuti and Orlando Owoh. You are a blessing. More perfumed grease to your elbows
From the first time I heard your music in 2005, I fell in love with it and with you. Your message is second to none, wish we had more of you to speak the truth. I can say your music is truly unique and beautiful. Infact I don't have the exact word to describe you, just to say: I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC.
kilokilo is warning to all our behavioural attitudes. kudos.
As for me, I have never seen or heard music like yours in my whole life - it is a divine music and message. Keep on doing good.
thanks for inspiring good thoughts in the youth
Baba mi,I must confess,your music is the first I ever fall in love with in my life,though I might be young,I still find the message in your music inspiring and motivating and honestly speaking,your style is second to none,I pray that not long,I will be lucky to meet you in person and you can sign some of your Albums for me...I am sure that day will be one of the happiest day in my life.. I love you Brother and I look forward to hear more from you.Keep up the great work,the sky is never the limit. Funsho Dare.(Offa)
you are a beacon of hope to the youth of africa.
from the first time i heard your music in 2003, i fell in love with it and with you. your message is second to none. wish we had more of you to speak the truth...
Beautiful Nubia Your music is truly unique and beautiful.
i love segun tooo much. pls send me ur lyrics. God bless u.
I gbadun ur style honestly, i be omo Igbo born & bread in western Nig. Segun, your music was the first i remembered to put in my luggage when i had 2 go stay in USA, i love that track "pas de kalabash, and small people anthem" i love dem so much. pls keep the good work up,i'll always listening to buy more of ur collections as long as we can get them in the States. Once more kudos to your fine compositions. Ijeoma USA.
at last! beautiful nubia in United States. i can't wait for March to come. i will definitely be there.
Simply magnificent! We love you so much!!
i love you, love your music
never since i fell in love with d music & lyrics of Late Bob Marley have i been lifted body & soul by the lyrics of anyone; Nubia's lyrics, full of poetry & embedded messages always leave me charged emotionally & spiritually...i don't have a favourite track, i listen through, everytime!
A beautiful voice full of cadence and aesthetics, rich and supernova.
Beautiful Nubia's music is not only rich in culture but also in sense. It is in a class of its own-excellence. Ojumo ti mo is my favourite and despite the fact that it's been released for more than 4 years now, it's always new to me. Segun Akinlolu, kudos to you. Keep the flag flying brother.
i love your music, your style and everything about you. keep it up. I LOVE YOU
Beautiful nubia has been my man in music since I listened to ojumo ti mo. I love your traditional taste,it's wonderful.This is my first visit to this website and it's just as wonderful again. Kudos to you Segun Akinlolu. Continue rocking us on. C'mon continue passing the calabash o jare.
I believe you are a legend. Even if this world will show little appreciation for your works, the world to come will see what I see now: you are a legend! I admire everything about you. I think I am crazy about you-is that normal? I love you.
hi,i always appreciate ur creativity when u are performing.10qs
i love ur style. keep it up. have a fulfillin year. one luv
Your type of music is what i call real music, talking about rhythm, lyrics and style. i believe that your music has touched every mind. And i wish you as a person will touch many as possible.KEEP IT FRESH! NUBIA
you are one in a million
segun akinlolu's poetic songs are exceptionally wonderful. especially,tales in the night. my best of which is 7days and ebami gbondo yi gbe. kudos!
King of melody is an understatement...you are rare kind of artist, the kind that inspires other artists and changes how society views itself.
i am one of your numerous fans. i will like you give me update about your latest album
You are wonderful. Your songs give me life. I wish you were a female, i will do all my best to marry you so that you can always sing for me. I cant wait to touch you someday.
you are unique, i love ur music and style. u've been an inspiration to many folks, pls keep up the good work.
something special, a treasure...your music is a wonderful gift to those who have "ears". I have to confess, you rock my world!
An extraordinary talent to this generation when civilization had paved way for modern slavery. Your brand of root rnb shows how rich traditional africa is...Especially our music. Segun you are making us once again proud to be africans!
you are a conscious radical african born. a son of the rising sun of africa. i will love to sing with you. am a lover of african music. i want to be a radical revolutionary musician like you.
i really really love ur music. it makes me feel cool whenever am listening. especially the lovers tracks e.g. Ife oloyin. je a jo ma se po, Amoke o!
i love your music, your style and everything about you. keep it up. I LOVE YOU!
Segun Akinlolu's songs are the best song I've ever listen to. Each time I listen to them, it flows through my blood veins. I LOVE UR MUSIC.
jagunjagun de...o de. despite the effort of all the evil doers in our society I thank God for the likes of you who remain steadfast in the truth. E ma kilo fun won o
Man, you blow my mind with the depth of your lyrics, and all the sweet melodies. I love you too much! Give us more in the new year. Greetings to the whole band.
he has helped us to remember the olden nigerian traditional songs. i love u nubia. take care.
men, there is no doubt about it,u are 2 much. u are the best musician of our time in terms of culture, people and environment of yoruba race. keep it up.
thanks for granting the interview. we are currently working on our magazine. it was nice meeting you. we wish you all the best. we like your website. it is rich and colourful
seven lifes is the best music i have ever heard in recent time keep the ball rolling we are enjoying ur type of music.Big bros you are too much.
i like your humble personality, i respect ur lyrics n i love ur performance @ unilag with crown troupe of africa. God bless u!
i really love ur music. how can i get ur first album and others except jangbalajugbu,fere and kilokilo. i will be very happy if i can get the copies. thanks, i remain ur fan forever and ever. luv you.
Your music gives me hope that one day I will achieve my aim and encourages me to be how i am. Every track in your album gives me inspiration.Kudos to u,u're special in the music arena. Keep uo in your good job - am totally your fan anywhere,anytime.
I just stumbled across your image online, searched you and was blown away. Alright I may be the only one who feels this way but there is something, if not prophetic, angelic about you. I have heard a lot but none like you -the message is insightful and critical yet it is relayed in a surreal manner. I just found something new to indulge my self in, as our people "ori mi wu" God bless
gr8 2 av u cos am proud of u and can only pray 2 God 2 grant u more years of dishing out gr8 ballads 2 our ears.jangbalajugbu jo,fere baba.
Let Beautiful Nubia keep it up.
I just Love your kind of Music, am a great fan ....i was in OAU during the show then. One Love, brother
infact u are a great musician for this generation. is tani o ro oko talo fe jagun is out. i love ur music
sir, u are too much. infact ur music has changed my life to better. keep it up
You are indeed a blessing to the Music industry.You are a source of inspiration.Compliments of the season.PLEASE come and hold a CONCERT here in OGBOMOSO.
I got introduced to Nubia's music while serving at Jos in 2006 by a friend; and pronto! it's been my dream to have every album of his, cos I'm simply stuck to it.
i love u n ur music
Your music has brought hope to this world of despair. Keep on the good works you have been doing. Awilele...May your word stand!
I never had time to listen to this guy's music until recently. one cool morning and my neighbor was playing his music. Then I carefully took my time listening to his music, lyrics, composition, Rhythm, melody and everything about each track I listened to. In fact, I tried to figure out how he joined every word and his rhythmic movements. I really love this guy.
i dont even know where to start...you music have been a great impact to me....i love you and your music so much...I'm proud to call myself a nigerian because of your music...you just dont sing just for the fun of it, you dont sing to get people's attention....you sing with meaning...you sing with purpose in mind...hearing your voice alone...is enough for me...thanks so much for everything...im your number one fan..remain blessed.
I also love your music. Just keep on taking our culture to higher grounds.
I love your music and am proud to be an african boy.
i have all your albums, i know all the tracks. in fact i have bought jangbalajugbu and fere more than 6 or seven times each, i am not your fan! i am your fan big time
you may or may not be the one reading my comment, but all i know and believe is that my message will one day get to you. i am a part 3 political scientist of oau ife, i have been a good buyer of your disks in fact i am your big time fans, i love your music and i love you, no story you are my hero. i hope to read from you soonest
i so much like, love your music pls keep it up! i love you all.
i enjoy ur music becos its message gives lessons and people learn from it. keep it up so that all ur fans will always be there 4 u.
i always enjoy the tone of songs and the message in the song, keep it up. don't be like other musicians that when they have been known they change their style of music. don't dissapoint all ur fans. bye for now.
Your music is very wonderful,i cherised it.Whenever i'm listening to your music,i'm allways happy.You have help to promote the african culture.You are indeed a source of inspiration.I allways dream of a day when I will be privileged to meet you.PLEASE come and hold a CONCERT in Ogbomoso.
Have loved your music since 7 lives. i have all the albums, difficult to choose a favourite. you are an immense inspiration.
You represent a new force in African thought and philosophy. Years from now, students of African history will celebrate you as one of those who led the way to our expected change. You are a true hero.
The greatest ever! Beautiful man, beautiful music. I dey enjoy you always my man - ride on!
Bros me, how is life? i know there is no problem. Thanks for your soul lifting compositions and evergreen lyrics. sometime u will be tired of being a Nigerian but, through your songs, i can say i'm proud to be an African particularly, in this generation of yours. May God continue to be with you. Egbon i say merry christmas in advance with all the good things you desire to bring more hope to we the hopeless generation through your soul lifting lyrics like tables turn.
I am glad I am not the only one who sees the immense value in what you do for the people. Your music is changing lives - I'm sure you know that.
sup Segun how are u doing? hope fine. i gbadun ur style. Are u happy? keep makin sense. one lv
beautiful, you are amazing. your album FERE pushed me on the path of greatness! when i was isolated last year, i listened to the album to the extent that i became the album's addict. my brother and friends think maybe i'm crazy cos the music is not hip hop...up till today i'm still an addict of your music. i thank GOD for making you, yoruba revival reverend as in folk songs...much appreciation...i was watching you,when you shot a video of one your songs in mokola roundabout...much luv.
i love ur music, keep it up
You have a unique muzic style you are too much. Keep the flag flying.
Continue with the good work bro, u are too good..my favorites are Tables Tune, Seven Lifes and Ikoko Akufo. Am happy to be a fan..ONE LOVE BRO.
the inspiring power of GENIUS radiates through your music. i call you a master of the fine art of sublime poetic music.
you are rare breed,i love your music, whenever i listen it makes think about life at large,particularly about the injustice in nigeria.It also makes think of eternity.I have 4 of your albums and i don't have the ones you released in 99,97, 2001.
what more can i say - it has all been said. you are a very beautiful soul and your music makes me glow. you will be a part of me for life. please don't stop your good work.
Greetings Great Beautiful Nubia. I am always happy to hear your voice. You are a wonderful gift to Africa and the world. I celebrate you!
you are the greatest musician from nigeria and surely one of the best in the world. you have touched so many lives including mine. please come to london soon.
BN as popularly referred to, but i'm more comfortable calling you the Doc! you are always an inspiration, and every moment with you is fun. You're so much endowed that UP is the ONLY PLACE YOU BELONG. Keep doing it, Keep saying it,someone out there is listening. IT IS WELL MY BROTHER SHEY YOU KNOW
your poetic songs are like a millipede treading at ease. pls join us as we launch the NATIONAL POETRY MONTH in nigeria come march,2009.
Egbon!My mentor!You are simply matchless.I am looking forward to that glorious day that I will see you one-on-one. God will not cease strengthening you as you give us a reason to live.
your kind of music has affected my life.Thanks to GOD.
am in love with your muzic and will want to meet you someday. your muzic gives me inspiration
I love your music and I want to be one of your percussionists.
You bear the name that really befits your talent. "Beautiful Nubia". You are a beauty to the nation and they say a thing of beauty is a joy forever. May you reign forever. Keep being original!
I am in love o! BN you are simply the best. I love What a feeling, Ka jo Ma Se po, Ife Oloyin...you too good joo.
listening to your music teaches me so many things and i am very happy and proud to be one of your guests. you and your band are doing a good job. God bless you all.
beautiful, beautiful music. enchanting prophetic voice. my nigerian companions think highly of you. so do i. please don't relent.
Baba mi agba, I was in the midst of some detractors this morning, they refuse to see the light, but we all know who the true "King" is. May your reign be long!
african soul music d best we can get from nobody but u great love man.
the best, the very best. you make us proud man!
just keep the rhythm you are too much
Hi b.nubia i pray this this day that ELEDUMARE OBA ALASEORUN gown you with more wisdom creativity and blessings.also i look forward to performing with you on stage very soon.GOD'S GRACE
Beautiful Nubia as a musician is of my best top ten artiste that is singing what we mean by AFRICA CONTEMPORARY MUSIC. To me your music is VERY..VERY...VERY....OK...Keep It Up.
Hello there, there is nothing I can say or write after reading all the entries in your guest book that have not been said or written; but notwithstanding, something must still be said; three words: MAG-NI-FICENT. I am a promoter and music lover, so I know good music when I hear it. You not only hear good music, but you feel it as well. Thanks for such an inspirational songs. Please I see in your schedules that you will be touring north America next year 2009 but most in Canada with just a day in Austin TX. (USA). I am located in the Washington d.c area and just wondering who do I need to talk to if I am interested in staging one or two show in the east coast area. Thanks Fiesta
i fell in luv with ur music the first time i heard the track 'Wat a feelin'. since then it has been my wake up call listenin to beautiful tunes from Beautiful Nubia. Keep the flag flying.
Beautiful nubia's music is a benchmark in African music which New Generational Musicians must follow to revive the assumed dead African traditions and customs
you are beautiful, and I love you dearly! The best music from Nigeria today.
We are standing firm just like you asked. May the spirits of the ancestors keep guiding you. Pure African gem, a true hero and people's prophet you are.
just what everybody is saying YOU ARE GOOD.
you are too good
my son calls you jambala. you are his bomb.
I felt at home tonight having gone through lyrics here. Kudos brother. One love!
Great music
u are the best and i love u.
God bless ur pure soul.. i like your songs and the philosophy behind it. a lot of my friends are working on your songs as their long essays. you have a genuine and unique african touch to your songs
Out of flowers, the rose is outstanding. out of stones, diamond is outstanding. out of african musicians Uncle Segun Akinlolu a.k.a beautifulnubia is the best of all. My brother, pls keep up the nice work of inspirational music. cos i know i will surely see u one day. Omo Oko N sewon to le se. Cheeeeeeerrrrs.
you are da bomb. keep it up
I want to commend u on a well done work. the kind of music u play is quite different. keep it up. just keep d fire burning.
I must commend you for the very good work you have done so far. I respect your artistic skill as well as being a UITE. You are a perfect example of a total man the institution intends to build. Am proud of you.
You make me wonder why all other musicians can't think and give us "Heart Captured" lyrics. THE SPIRIT OF OUR FORE-FATHERS WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN. SHALOM!
You are doing a great job man One love. Long Live Nigeria Long Live Beautiful Nubia
Mother Africa be with you. You make me proud being BLACK. I LOVE U DEAR "BROTHER IN ARMS". PEACE
i love you so much, you are the pride of AFRICA
I so much love beautiful nubia's style of music. It fascinates me.
I can't just expalin how much I love you. Though I have not see you once in my life but I'm happy to tell you that you are my mentor. Hope to embrace you one day! I love you
I always get revived whenever situations turn my life a worry's abode through your songs. You are indeed an icon in music and a gift of Africa. A day will come that all the world will rise for the countless time to celebrate your well spent life. I'm indeed proud of you. Unbeatable shout-out from you FAN!
How I wished people like you were up to ten in this dark time of ours then, it'll have been a different messsage entirely especially for our 'leaders' from your song 'Ma ba won so' in 'Jangbalajugu'. I love You so much. More grease to your elbows
you are doing a great deal. please i would have love,if you could sing about the political crisis in our nation today. remind them abaut our great ancestors so that they can learn from the them. tell us more abaut the politics of today. i love you, keep on the good thing you are doing.
think of if all the nigerian musicians can sing with candor as you always do, then maybe all evil-minded leaders in nigeria might have changed their mind. dear bro segun, please keep standing... you are my mentor, I love your music with passion
you too good
i am happy to tell you that you are the best. keep it up, your music inspires us at moshood abiola polytechnic, ojere abeokuta
you are an embodiment of the rich African culture. Keep on keeping on.
I so much love your music especially 'Emi ori iru ife bi eyi'. i have used the tune of the song to compose a gospel one which people have advised me to move to studio. Beautiful Nubia you are too much for all your natural theme that you are using in your song.I say more grease to your elbow
whenever I listen to Beautiful Nubia songs, 'seven lifes' and 'ikoko akufo' mostly ,I always have a scintillating feeling that I can't explain.BN's music always give me a nostalgic feeling and I'm always happy that 'I'm an African boy'! Your music is so cool,inspirational and revolutionary in nature.I'm looking forward to the day I will see you to have a one-on -one discussion with you.I'm proud of you!
This guy is the best in Nigeria. Love "Ka Jo ma Se Po" in KiloKilo Album so much that i sing it everyday for my girl friend. She calls it OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM as it refreshes our love for each other. BN-I could stay on the world's longest queue just for a pleasure of meeting you. Love ya so much!
i like u so much.
As a music scholar and critic, I am well positioned to appreciate your kind of music. It is deep, philosophical and inspiring. You are a gift we must cherish and protect.
keep it up. i like the way you take up our glory, may the lord always be with you. Am also a percussionist. i play drums, conga and talkingdrum very well. that is why i like your music. am very proud of u. keep it up sir. Cheers!
l just want to say l can't do without ur music bcos it is wonderful song to our generation and dis time u really promote our culture in fact l really gbadun u too much.l will like to associate my self to u.
what amazes me most is the way Segun Akinlolu tells the government about the predicaments of the helpless citizens of this great country. Go and listen to "FERE" to get d best of the beautiful nubia and d root renaissance. I think Segun is a music activist of this generation.
You just have to continue giving us your best, we love you. Gbogbo ede wonyen lo ye wa and we hope someone will listen someday
if you have listened to "Kilokilo"track,you will believe with me that there is a genius in BN.Soulful,stinging with a mellow,ballady breath.i have only one comparison-BN.The end was full of strong horns that makes me wonder how amazing it will be to watch BN and his gifted band play live. My friends here dont understand the language but they certainly are moved close to tears each time.this is music,if it can reach across barriers of language. J.Croftt-'World Music Enthusiast'
I have enjoyed every beautiful nubia album especially fere, and my favourite is ONILE AYO. I first fell in love with b/n with his album, JANGBALAJUGBU. nothing to say, Segun you ar d best. Mo wa leyin e gboingboin.
BN is a true african prophet. my zimbabwean friend introduced me to the music - i love it a lot. can't go anywhere without it. very uplifting and real.
it has been said by many already. your music is the best on the scene right now. there are many of us who love you and what you stand for. keep shining omo akin!
u are one of the greatest inspirations i av had as a person and as a music performer...i look forward to singing with u on the same stage,having the privilege to perform one of your songs while you sit in the audience, having you sign my guitar, or even giving me one of yours as an honorary gift. u are awesome and i am proud i am a nigerian bcos of you.
Beautiful, your music just like your stage name is a reflection of true african pride and style. You remind us of our past greatness and future glories. You are an embodiment of all that is good and progressive in us. You are a true hero and leader – your music leads the way!
I love to hear him speak. He was the celebrity on the red carpet on Splash FM few days ago. I love his way of speech.
i love u so much, i enjoy ur music.
although i haven't been priviledged to hear your new album but the others have been worth hearing. will like to get your cd in benin edo state so that we over here can get your songs. love you.
I can't do without singing your Music in my church. Most especially BABA ONILE AYO and OH WHAT A FEELING for wedding at the church. Infact you are God-sent to the race of African. I love you.
It took me quite sometime to figure out this amazing artist with a depth that can only be compared to the greats. well it's difficult for me to admit, but i have a huge feeling that Beautiful NUBIA is taking african original music beyond the height of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. It's only a question of time. There is no one that compares to him right now in the Nigerian space. Fela was my hero, but another 'phenomenon' has come. Welcome him!!!!!
Beautiful nubia is the step to the next level in african civilisation...... The GIANT shall rise again
I relly love your and your tunes, mr segun i want you to sing more in english language and laying more emphasise on our culture, customs, tradition. also i want you preach literacy for development in Nigeria. God bless NIGERIA
Who says the "The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born",BEAUTIFULNUBIA is beautiful intrincically. Hey!you goin to surprise urself. I'm lovin ur music always in all ways. Ur music is lyrically enormous. "Se bi a unh gbadun ara wa ni o."
Akinlolu,u are the best, i like ur music. Segun,keep the flag flying. i LIKE YOU.
Segun Akinlolu,i like ur music,u are the real Africa man,u are not like others. keep the flag flying. I LIKE U AND UR MUSIC
You make us proud, and better still you take personification of Blackness to the top level. Stay a gem, and keep jamming good melodies. Much love from Dallas,TX
u are the best, keep up the good work. thumbs up 4 u.
Segun Akinlolu.hmmmmm..BEAUTIFUL NUBIA to some...but to me..YOU are the MOST BEAUTIFUL of all the NUBIAS of this world. Take it or you leave it! that's just the simple fact.
u speak to all blacks especially nigerians. u r good.
You've been a positive influence in my choice of music. I believe you're the chosen one.
thumbs up 4 u beautiful brother(Nubia).U are the original African man.Just be urself and remain focused and steadfast.Continue to prick our conscience.God bless u million folds.AMEN.
Hi BN,u r a blessing to this generation. Ur kind of music is unique and rare. Ur message always make me a proud african.Ur river of inspiration will never run dry.As u ur song always put joy into my heart,God's joy will never cease in ur life.I thank God for ur talent.
u are d greatest BN, ur music makes me high - u must come and play at my school - university of benin. love ya!
i like ur music, band and urself. everywhere i go i can't go without ur cd especially owurolojo and seven lives. i like uuuuuuuu very much.
You remind me of African glories lost, you inspire me to believe it can all be regained. We are separated by oceans and 400 years of history but your words reach out to me - seven lives, that's what i've got, i'm an african boy!
am in love with your music
u are still the bomb lyrically, i cant wait to work with u. wit luv 4rom me
Hi Segun, Proud to be your fan any day. I will like to know when you are coming to Ife for your performance. I love your music and the message. They are just too wonderful
i love u nubia, u r d best...
what is to be said than herald that which will be continued to be heralded...... i just continue to pray that others discover where their destiny is taking them just as your song did to me. I have all your lyrics right inside my heart. it will be an understatement to say that you have tried especially after watching you perform live for the first time at the kilokilo concert! Ese gan oh!
mellamby was the source of line-stringing, ken and Ige was ahead of a cause, then in the now Nubia sings in the middle... let Ibadan rise beyond the sonorous voice of a land we owe a homeage. and mine lines-stringing, with a sting so precint.
his songs are so magnificent and they promote african culture
So marvelous, especially the Lamentation For A Broken Pot, I was moved by the lyrics and the concept of the music. I Love you bcos your lyrics changed my life. I’m always moved by the lyrics. Indeed you are a hero to Yorubaland. Thank you
Egbon i bless the day i met you, you have been light to my dark path. Am not too suprised at the impact you & your music is making, we that knew you as Dr akinlolu know that you have always been an impactful person. My life is a big testimony to this faet, in my 34yrs in this life am yet to see someone naturally interested in other people's progress like this wonderful man. I will 4ever be grateful to GOD for your life
Thank you for your beautiful music. It soothes my soul in the midst of all the disturbing and depressing news. You are a true African hero, a pride to Nigeria.
I am a new convert to your innovative music. I never paid much attention to you until I heard Ikoko Akufo - that song blows my mind! I have since bought most of your works and I want to register as a full and committed member of your fans club.
U ar a good representative both within and outside the country. Keep the flag flying.
You are really an Angel dat dwells in d midst of ordinary men, u are a gift for dis generatn. one day, Nigeria will change 4 beta thru ur song, keep it up, you are d best.
ka jo ma se po till we all speak the same language - "love". thanks bro
i love beautiful Nubia's songs. he has shown great passion for our cultural heritage. i'll like to attend his concert anywhere in Nigeria. keep the fire burning brov.
The one and only BN! I love your music. As a fellow musician, you also inspire me with your wonderful sound. The message is second to none. Keep talking, we are listening.
I call you Nigeria's Lucky Dube. That's all.
Brother, I must tell you, this is a great job you are doing. What could be more original than this your style of music. How i wish i could belong to your beautiful band. I love Seven Lives. It's my favourite. Keep up the good work, may God continue to bless you, more grease to your elbow, bro.
boy! you are a bomb! keep moving on we are behind you. i enjoy seven lifes, kilokilo, ka jo ma sepo, tables turn and what a feeling. love you guys
it is an under statement that your music touches live, it's transforming lives, please don't relent, you are the pride of Africa, the voice of the masses, the conscience of the oppressors. E ma ba won so ki won ma se wu wa ibaje mo
Keep it going my brother. You are indeed one of the best things to have happened to African music in recent years. You sound like no one yet you sound so familiar. Kilokilo and Fere are great works of art. You have written your name in gold for eternity.
thanks for ur lyrics. am proud to be black. my favourite is small people's athem. i think government officials should listen to it.
your kind of music is unique-im nuts! i've got MA BA WON SO as my caller tune,and the KILOKILO album is fantastic! keep it up.
Your lyrics always inspires me whenever im discouraged,troubled and depressed. All I will say is "OMO ARAYE O NI KO OHUN YIN O, EE GBO,EE PEE BI MOOPE SEN PE, E KONI KU NI REWEREWE, IWAJU NI OPA EBITI YIN YIO MA RE SI OO. Looking forward to a day you will come and entertain us in LAUTECH. Keep the fire burning, my big brother. I LOVE YOU. LOOKING FORWARD TO A DAY I WILL SEE YOU FACE 2 FACE, TILL THEN IREE OOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Finally got Kilokilo. It was worth the effort of finding it. The music is mind-blowing. Now, let's hope I won't lose it to my fast-fingered sister. My whole family loves you. Hope to be at some of your upcoming shows in Nigeria.
You are too much! Ride on!
i salute your musical prowess this great son of africa. ride on, our great ancestors are proudly behind you.
Baba, iba o! Your sonorous voice woke me up this morning. There is hope yet for a new Afrika. Thank you, thank you!
In a world filled with pretenders, copycats and noise camouflaging as music, it is refreshing to discover something original and positive like your music. I may not understand some of the words, but the beautiful music speaks to me. You have made my day.
Your music is wonderful, keep it on, we are enjoying u. i love ur misic
Keep rocking us with your rich music. I am a die-hard fan of yours. The first time you came to OAU to perform, i was mesmerized by your dance steps and your African voice. Whenever i listen to any of your songs, it echoes through my whole universe. Keep it going,,, we'll continue to hear your voice above the maddening deeds of our corrupt leaders....N o ma ba e lo!
What I cherish about you is your originality, and the way you are able to give voice to the common people's yearning without sounding judgemental or abrasive. You have just started the work of redemption, do not be distracted. Many people love what you say and sing.
baby i wanna love you! i love you too much BN. Thanks for the great performance at the Kilokilo launch. i was thrilled beyond words. in short, i am crazy for you!!!
Beautiful, you're a great musician, am sure very soon the whole world will celebrate your music.
Each time I listen to your music what crosses my mind is the love and heartwarming feelings I get from it. Keep on with your heart-touching music.
quiet alright i am a full notherner but i like ur vibes, it really represents who we truly are. in fact i am ur numero uno fan, my family in inclusion.
....The rhythm and the rhyme are classical...the lyrics equally of no comparison. I follow the words, they were not just written to complete a flow of sound; but well construed for a purpose. I like you, as far back as 1999/00 when i first heard your song in Akure on visit....I searched for it when i returned to LAG but couldn't get it. But now, it's everywhere....God bless you. CONTINUE
the happiest people don't have everything in life, they just make the best of everything that life brings their way. be happy. you are great
I love u bcos of your voice & presentation. You are truely a blessing to Nigeria & the world in general. Keep the ball rolling and soon every Nigerian will know your great job. People love ur music and you have a lot of fans at Ipetumodu & Fed Poly Ede. My love for you is limitless. You are distinct and incomparable among others.
Your music is amazing. I was given one of your cds by a very special friend when I lived in Nigeria and when I listen to your music it brings back happy memories of a wonderful country and people. Any plans to perform in the UK?
To be candid, your musical revival of the Yoruba (and African) culture is highly commendable. How I wish all the other young musicians of Nigerian origin (fuji, hip-hops etc) can take a clue from you. Perhaps your performance is complimented by your level of education (and interest). Perhaps!!
hello my african brother and warrior. I really appreciate the creativity in your music. i can really listen to your music non-stop for days, at work and at home. they call me your number one fan, i call myself lucky to have found you.
Kilokilo is a great album. Once again, you have surpassed yourself. I thought Jangbalajugbu was unbeatable until I heard Fere. Now I don't know what to say after listening to Kilokilo. I bow!
Keep up the good job you are doing
Baba o! Some people may not see the light you shine on the future, but I am one of those who love the progressive ideas shared in your music. I totally agree with the theme of Ohun Oju Nri. We are still slaves but one day we shall be free!
BN, you are a teacher, a leader, voice of the voiceless. keep talking, many are listening. i believe in you. pls don't tire.
What can I say to a creative model of artistic inspirations beyond: "Ade a pe lori, Ileke a pe lorun o" ASE
you doing great job, mr segun akinlolu, promoting african and her beautiful culture with your music.i like your first album and the second one fere. am looking forward to seeing you, more grease to your elbow because i dont just know how to thank you for reviving our culture. thanks, bye for now, sholley.
Kudos & thanks to God for the kind of potential he has given to you. Come on, take it or leave it - YOU ARE THE BEST. Keep it up. Pls appreciate papa demmy for playing ur musics anytime he is on set. He has done well in keeping us informed about you. ONCE AGAIN "YOU ARE THE BEST". I'll continue to pray that God'll continue to upgrade the wisdom he has given you. Bye. A very devoted fan of yours.
O ku ise, o ku ogbon, o ku oju inu arakunrin mi! Ma dawo ise rere to nse duro, boya lojo kan eeyan dudu a ronupiwada...
Ngo ma ba e lo ooo! Naija lover's rock at its best. You speak wisdom, you challenge the misrulers, you are the voice of the weak. Ma ba won so joo...
Beloved, you are the best thing that has happened to Nigerian music in present times. The undercelebrated alternative that will one day become the song on all lips. Keep on moving.
Sir, we love you 4 the best u are doing in AFRICAN. Many blessings, sir.
May God continue inspiring you as you keep awakening the African Spirit in us. You are toooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooood!
keep up d african tin dats wat keeps us goin so lead d crew and we follow i ve knwn u to be a pragmatic person so just keep it up cos u are d very best. i'm in manchester now but i miss u gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan stay blessd
I really love beautiful nubia's music and lyrics
u are the lord of all african musicians
i want to know you because your music is one that i'm hearing every morning. in OSOGBO everybody loves you too much. Araba ni baba eni a ba laba ni baba, baba ni o jooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
If a trained Vet Doctor turned singer can sing and inspire we youths like this, then what are the rest young musicians doing? Truly you are the saviour of African culture and tradition. Grow from strength to strength bros. God be with you.
Thanks for showing the way. Your music is light on to our path. I hope you keep the originality going.
I watched you perform live once and sincerely that's been my best concert so far. You are doing a great job man. Baba onile ayo ni jo to ba n pin ire bo ma gbagbe awa ....
Hello Bros, I really love your music and the way you dey dance, i dey sabi you my oga, go on, dont change your style or the voice of your music, i really love the ORO AYE SORO and so many tracks like that
Omo Mama Bendel, Love your music.
bros u are wonderful. i am short of words, just carry on.
Carry on Segun. We love your music so much, please don't change your music style or message. You are touching many lives in Africa. Omo Akin i sojo o - mo ngbadun e jare.
u are d best. i wonder where u get ur lyrics, inspiration from. more power 2 ur elbows. love u, true african man
i feel u bro, maximum respect to u.
If there a stronger word than love, that's what I feel for you bro. Your words soothe me and your music is incomparable. You give value to the African experience. Nuff said!
Lovely music Mr Beautiful. I am enjoying Kilokilo over here in Germany. I wrote you in 2003 after getting Jangbala. I love all your music man. BN, the African philosopher and singer!
his songs are soul inspiring
When you are talking about meaningful music, Beautiful Nubia is it! His productions are evergreen that touches on various subjects needed for this generation. He is a philosopher, you guys and gals should watch out for him. Ride on brother!
I love your music, am always happy when am listen to your music. I first heard your music from the internet on Radio Abeokuta. I love your music like Ma fo'ya, Ikoko Akufo (Lamentation For A Broken Pot), Baba Mimo e.t.c. I will love to join your fans club. Keep up the good work.
Just so you know, I still have that Seven Lifes cassette - in all its overplayed, tattered glory!
I came in contact with your music in 1998 - I got the Seven Lifes cassette as a birthday gift from a friend. I told my classmate at the time that you were going to be a force to be reckoned with in African and global music and you have not let me down over the years. I think your most innovative album is Awilele but Jangbalajugbu, Fere and the new Kilokilo are my favourites. Each time I listen to "Ka Jo Ma Se Po" from the new album, I get goose pimples. Thank you for being there!
i really love ur music
u re unique brother
Beautiful nubia you are a genius, I love your music. Just keep it up.
You are too much broda. Hope to see you play in England soon!
I finally laid my hands on Fere and Kilokilo yesterday. I listened to both, one after the other, over and over all night. This morning I decided to find you on the web and ask you this question: how do you manage to always make such beautiful music?
i love your natural style, keep it up.
you are too fantastic.
Hi, ur Small people's anthem and ur album Fere is my favourite. you are just too sweet. keep the ball rolling; you are one in a million.
Only very few Nigerian musicians really sing good music and you are one of them. I love your music.
As someone who has worked for many years in Africa, I feel your message and I believe Africa is fortunate to have someone like you speaking out the way you are. I'm going to keep my eyes on your progress. I'm a fan for life!
Hi, Beautiful Nubia, how are you doing? I love all your music, I find them very very interesting and meaningful. I think ur style and music are the type that should and must be rate high here in Nigeria. The other day I watched ur interview on the television, u said u are a veterinary doctor, I was so surprised, well I pray that the sky is just ur stepping stone. I love oh wat a feeling, infact it's my best track. I have ur music videos at home including the latest one.
alaafia ooo! gbogbo oju lo fi oju jo ara ile eni o, afi bi eni abinibi ko ti kini kuyaleta. nle o omo odua!! Those who defy the warning of storms often times incur the wrath of the rain. Whether the cabalistic leaderships in Africa like it or not, a new breed of Africans are emerging, will emerge and survive the turbulence and desecration of our lands. BN, YOU ARE A BEACON OF HOPE IN THAT GENERATION!!! IRE NI O!!!
Hi BN, your 'Owuro L'ojo' is my family's wake up call and 'What a feeling' brought my husband and I together. In summary you are a permanent part of our lives and we pray God should keep you strong and productive for many more years to come.
Loving the vibes man, the sincerity of your art touches me. Hope to see you play in Sweden someday soon. Some folks here love you!
Nubia brings Life into people, I love him for making Africa Proud and making our Culture to be great
I just luv those beautiful yoruba forklores. May God bless beautiful nubia.
I just want to say well done, and may God give u the knowlegde to sing another beautiful song and I will always love u and ur fantasic music.
Hey! brother, you are just too much with the kind of music you play. You gave me the inspiration of music. You made me realise and understand what we call african music. Pls Uncle Sege don't stop singing bcos I know for sure dat one day I will see you performing on stage. Keep up the great work.
Hi, I want to appreciate u 4 ur music and also to tell u that we don't mind having ur show in UCH, Ibadan
I love ur music
Keep up the good work bro
ohoooooooooo! segun, you are just too much
You are the best....
Thanks for your advocacies for a new Africa where the 'poor'can have a say. Let's keep the torch glowing. I buy your ideals. Thanks. Love you!
u ar just unique. i luv uuuuuu
I love all your music,keep it up
It's my pleasure using this medium to reach u for the first time. I love ur music cos its dynamic in nature. Moreso I want to join ur fans club.
Beyond comparison, totally original, amazingly ingenious! You are a mentor, a prophet, a natural leader, the guiding light for a new generation of Nigerians and Africans. Your music inspires and enlightens us. Please don't go away!
Beautiful Nubia is my best african musician so far and I am very proud he is from Nigeria. I already have his latest album Kilokilo and I have listened to it very well. I will urge Beautiful Nubia in his next album to release something like Everybody Knows, Down The Street, and Kilokilo more often and let their videos be seen on tv stations. This will make people especially in Ibadan to appreciate Nigerian music the more. Please let the new album hit Nigeria very well. Also organise shows in Ibadan. You are the best!
If inspiration is life then I must say you give life...
My friends think that I am crazy when I listen to ur music but u know what - I really like ur style.
I love ur type of music, it is truly African. Well done.
You are very creative and your music is very unique, I love it gives me inspiration whenever I listen to it......I love your pattern.
Your inspirational lyrics are comparable to none. Keep up the spirit, my favorite.
Love youuuuuuuu
You have been a source of inspiration to me. Your music,combined with african knowledge is what gives you the edge. You are the king of african soul music, just keep it up because you have just started. They (critics)have not seen anything.
Infact, I gbadun u pass food. Continue the good job and our ancestors and God will be with u 4ever.
Bros. u r touching lives all around the globe. infact, ur lyrics nd the way u put them keeps me going, hoping for a better 2moro. thumbs up!!!
I love u so much, U'v alwayz been my mentor in soul music especially your distinct voice and rich and melodious chords that you do play in your tracks... People call me Beautifulnubia junior because i plays the chords and its songs according to your style of play. thanks so much. Bishop loves you...
When intelligence is combined with creativity, the result is "genius"..... I RESPECT YOU!!! Please keep us informed about your concert appearances o.
I sincerely respect your sense of creativity
u are a genius. i love ur pattern of music. keep it up
I love you
Baba, e ti po ju!
A genius of our time.
I don't know what to say but you are truly an African pride. I love your music. Keep the flag flying.
I love your music Nubia
Honestly i don"t know what to say about this man,he gave me the greatest support when my people did not see any good in me, Coupled with his kind of music. I'm always proud of u sir. I sincerely love ur music, I listen to it everyday.
Hi! I so much like your music and to be sincere you are my best and most respected Nigerian and African artist, men! I wish i can see you i person and tell you how your music has inspired my Artworks.The african rhythms, colour and message is second to none. Ho! i dont know why people like you are not well respected and honoured with musical awards and likes, please just visit my site at www.plyart.com then you will see your handwork.
No doubt Beautiful Nubia is the best african musician and should be honoured anytime. I believe his new album Kilokilo will be a huge success. To produce a musician of his class is totally difficult. He makes me proud of Afica.
Great site! Keep up the good job, brother!
Ba wi,a ku. Baa si wi, iku naa nigbeyin....it wouldn't hurt to say dat u're d best of African poet/musician, BN. And to think we avn't seen nothing yet! U ARE D 'I' IN THE 'IT'
Don't have much words to quantify you! You are just DA BOMB all over!
I love your music but need to have your contact addresss in nigeria where i can buy more of your music or send my cds for your autogragh
Bi omo eni ba da ka wii....Mr Segun u are such a rare GEM...more grease to your elbow. I congratulate you on your new album. WE LOVE YOUR MUSIC.
Good music is a source of inspiration to the soul, and captivating and motivational music of your kind gives joy to the hopeless and peace to the weary. Keep up the good work. God bless u. Eddybay cares
Halloo, our man of the year. In fact, you've really impressed your fans, we are with you, all the way and alwayz cos you deserve it. Your music is educative, informative and motivational. Please, we really love the music. And we gbadun that show at Unity Centre, GRA Ikeja. It was beautiful. I really appreciate you for that. Olorun ama wa pelu yin o, thanks for the concert. Iwaju iwaju lopa ebiti yin ama re si o. Lola oluwa a se n tedumare. O di gba o o o
I really still love your music and i congratulate you on your new album-KILOKILO. i thank God for his mercy upon you. i haven't listened to the music but i will find it.
The feeling has not change since the very first time i listened to your first album, the KILOKILO album launch was awesome and the response of your fans that day said it all. Keep givin us good music and remember that you are touching thousands of souls out there. Thanks and God bless you.
Hey, I reallly love your music cos it speaks out all the messages I expect to hear from a musician. I read in the papers that you are not a rich man. You are as long as you touch millions of lives and souls. I feel your songs are true of life. The coolness is what I cherish most. Good job. Keep up the African flag, African boy!
I love your music, especially Ikoko Akufo (Lamentation for the broken pot), and I pray God will bless you and lift up your hand. More grease to your elbow.
You remain a force to reckon with in the Nigerian music industry. Keep it up, the sky is just the starting point and not the limit for you, this great son of Africa.
...he is known as Beautiful Nubia by many, but to us who knew him many years ago, BN is still scatching the surface of what he is made of. An infatigueable soul and a selfless being... Bless you BN.
first met segun akinlolu sometime in 2001, at the Ife festival of poetry. JANGBALAJUGBU was just realised then. Through time I've come to admire the Akinlolu brand of music. Keep the spirit on.
I just want to say well done for the beautiful work you have done. I am saying this because your music gives hope to those who are hopeless. Keep it up.
ENIOBANKE....everything has been said. Your songs gladden my heart each time it plays...kudos.
when i listen 2 ur music,i wonder where u got the inspiration and the zeal. ur songs are life filled & it's never a dull moment when listening to ur songs. We're looking 4ward to the message "KILOKILO" wants to pass across, u've neva failed us and we know u can never fail us. u're indeed a "standout". (keep the fire burning)
Hey Beautiful Nubia, How are you today? Guess you’re in good health with all members of your band? I always have passions for all your music and video album. You are a real African Man. (9JA) Keep it up. Here is my phone numbers: 07030412742, 0805115463, 01-8522816, I wish to hear your voice one day. Thanks, O.N.E., (Olaiya Nosiru Enitan). NOTE: I have JANGBALAJUGBU; I bought it few years ago.
U r real trying big bros! Keep it up. But please make sure you have all your CD @ the launching coming up coz i need the Awilele and others! C ya on that day!
I'm a big time lover of music but Beatiful Nubia's kind of music is so unique that I wonder the bundle of talent God must have deposited in you. I have your albums Fere and Jangbalajugbu; all the tracks are so sonorous and soul inspiring. I love your kind of music. Keep promoting African culture brother.
I thank God for his mercy upon this talentend musician and I appreciate your effort. I pray to God to still lead you and fill you with a miraculous knowledge because your song is incomparable. So keep up the good work and I wish to see you one day.
Oh my God! What more can be said about the grandeur of this talented songstar. U have proved to be the best and I thank Eledumare for the message he is passing to us thru you. Bros, I could wait in the world's longest queues just for the pleasure of meeting you. Keep up the good work!
OMG!! I finally got your audio cd and I'm so happy cos i've been begging my sister to get it for me since i'm not based in Nigeria myself. I'm glad we have someone with such talent in Nigeria and I find your voice soothing. Keep up the good work Bro!
Thanks and praise goes to the most high for the good work is doing through you. i am your fan for life because of the kind of music you do sing, but i find it so difficult gettting your tapes (CDs). I stay at Air Force Base in Ikeja. Once again, God is in you. You are great.....
what can we use to quantify your music? it is a soul reliever. I listen to that your "OWURO LOJO". It always keeps me moving all the time.
I thought indigenous African Music had died but anytime I listen to your music my soul is always revived. Keep on teaching us good things with your nightingale voice. I would love to invite you to my school to perform on the launching of a new and vibrant club on our institution. (YOUTH TOURISM CLUB OF NIGERIA.FEDERAL POLYTECHICS ADO-EKITI CHAPTER)
Beautiful Nubia is one the most potent African poet / musician I have ever known, with so much originality mixed with true African Culture. In far way Scotland / North Sea I miss home so much, but your music reminds of my roots everyday. God Bless Africa.
You have done a wonderful job. keep it up. may God continue to strengthen you the more.
Your music flavour is exceptional, full of culture and messages, with lots of reality, your songs are full of hopes and aspiration, celebrating the Africaness. Thanks Bro
Egbon,you are a blessing to our generation. I appreciate the thoughts that produce your lyrics, this shows we have right thinking people left in our country. E ma tunbo kilo fun won. God bless you.
Hi Beautiful Nubia, you are just a wonderful musician. You are worth more than a million out there. Your songs give me joy and give hope to those that are hopeless. Keep it up.
you are king of musian in the world
Your message has been so "strange" in the hears of many because they tend not to listen to deeply motivational and captivating music like yours. But one problem, in Ondo state, people don't really know when your albums are out. Please, I think you need to do more survey on the way in which youths will listen to your music. Like the Yoruba will say "to ba fe mu obo, o nilati se bi obo". For the main time, find a technique to steal the heart of students in campuses.
be ri eni logbo ibi oro ijinle enu re le oti mo.sege u are a genius,a rare gem.u are too much.i love u,keep projecting the sky will not even be ur limit.
i just like ur kind of music u are talented keep it up
I am selective in my kind of music. Yet, Beautiful Nubia remains on top of my choice. And the reason is simple: his songs and style are uniquely inspirational and positively philosophical. I wish him the best.
your music is a source of inspiration for me. the lyrics is beyond what i can explain. please give us more superb videos...atot
Since u've started givin us the cool music, ma lyf has never remain dsame. As an instrumentalist, i hv bn gettin some tactics in ur music. In the album fere, ma lyf has changed in standin firm to our enablements. Pls, i will lyk to be informed about anytin dat will inprove me intrumentally and about latest news. Thanks. Happy Easter & prosperous months &yr
mr segun, we so much love your music for its reality and fight against poverty but it is quite unfortunate we are not getting some of your discs back @ home. i have been waiting to buy awilele not even knowing there is now kilokilo. do somethung about this. thanks
I am bored,my mind went to u and i decided to browse the internet in search of you lo and behold it was a beautiful sight, keep it up, iam proud of u, u are pride of Africa
Soul-soothing;soul-liftin, inspiring& highly motivating.That's no other than BEAUTIFUL NUBIA SONGS.


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