Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band - “Kilokilo”
All songs written by Segun Akinlolu. © & ℗ Olusegun Akinlolu/EniObanke. SOCAN/ASCAP

Brother in Arms (Ise Mbe)
Darkness falls in your heart
Can’t get up, can’t stay down
You think this must be the end of the line
But I’m here by your side, holding on, holding tight
Come on friend, let’s move on to a higher place
Let’s go, scion of the brave
We were meant to overcome and we will
Be strong, eschew doubt and fear
Duty calls!

Sitting here on your bed talking of struggles gone
And the many dreams we cannot achieve
Painful scars and near-misses
But we’ve gone way too far
To be thinking of turning the other way
Let’s go, scion of the brave…

So when you feel the pain will take you down
And you can’t go on
Remember here I am your jolly brother in arms
No matter what may come
We’ll shake the world just like we said
Come on friend, let’s move on....

Do you see as they maltreat us,
Surely you must feel this injustice?
Life has become a tale of regret
We have come to you wise ones,
Masters of time, knowers of riddles
Our lament has become a river of tears
Bad leaders multiply and fraud is a way of life
Would you please go ahead and chastise them?
All our pleading has fallen on deaf ears
But was it not you who said hard work
Is the key to success and the patient one laughs last?
So how come the evil flourish?
Time drags on and still no sign of retribution…

Wa Bu’ra
(An old man recounts the days of his youth
Recalls how he met his wife of forty years in a dancehall)
I was a dashing but bashful bachelor in those days
But once I beheld this lady,
Something drew me to her,
We danced so well together others left the floor to us
And with buckets of sweat dripping from our bodies,
I asked if I could be her friend…the rest is history.
Some folks would say a partnership
Born in a dancehall is bound for the dump.
That hasn’t happened in our case
Still going strong after all these years.
Forget the grey hair young man,
When it comes to dancing, we’ll run circles
Around the likes of you.
Here, let me call her…Amoke o!

Je Je Je
Going my own way, not looking for trouble
Going my way, working for the good of all
And it will be well, mother?
Yes it will…
May the blessings of this earth be ours
May our days be long
May our fertile wombs bear good fortune
Hear our plea, lift us high
The good times will return
But we must be patient, we must be brave
And tell ourselves the truth
And it will be well, mother?
Yes it will be well…

K’a Jo Ma Se Po
Come my friend,
How do we rise above this cloud of sadness?
And who will deliver us
From the grip of suffocating darkness?
Darling, hold me tight and let in some comfort
Come along to my home of wealth and happiness
This darkening sky only promises much-needed rain
Together we shall deliver light
And spread joy all around
A new dawn is here
I have found a place of comfort
I glow in rare courage
Inspired by the certainty of your love
In unity, with kindred spirits,
Shall we uproot all wickedness
And consign these wicked leaders
To the bin of forgotten history
I’m living like a king
But you know you are the ruler of my heart
I’m reaching for the stars
But your love is in my heart
Shining so bright!
Darling, hold me tight and let in some comfort
Come along to my home of wealth and happiness…

Prayers For You
We bring you greetings and prayers for blessings
From the elders and from the young
May you prosper, may you have peace
And may your days be filled with happiness
I’m saying prayers for you, my people
That if you walk, may you not stumble
And if you stumble, may you not fall
If you fall, may you be able to rise up
And if you can’t, may there be someone to help you up
If there’s no one, may you have music
If there’s no music, remember my love is with you
I’m saying prayers for you…

Everywhere You Are
Dance our wife, dance!
Your moves hypnotise tens of thousands
Your gyrations transfix hundreds of thousands
Dance pretty maiden, dance!
You are the one
Who pulled me up and gave me strength
Though I’m alone, I know you are always with me
Wherever you go
My heart will never leave you lady
I’m everywhere you are
Evil men tempt me
In their eyes I see no love
But I’ll be strong just for you
I will not be moved
Time and time and time again
I’m in a place I don’t want to be
And a weakness comes over me
But your words keep me going on
You are the one…
A man who has nothing to die for
Has no reason to live
And when you are giving out nothing
You shouldn’t expect any return
I stand firm (2ce)
I will not be bought, I am not a slave
I stand firm (2ce)
I am like a rock, I am so strong
I will not be moved!

Everybody Knows
Here we come Mr. Magicman
Tell us the future, show us the way
Here we come for another trip
“Anyone for miracles?”
Of course everybody knows it’s all lies (2ce)
When you come with tales of loss
Try to tell the people what’s not
Think you can get away with silly lies
Everyone is on to you
And everybody’s got your game
So when you think you’re fooling us
You’re only fooling yourself
Of course everybody knows it’s all lies (2ce)
So come, brother give it up, give it up
It’s time to make a change
Come, sister live it up, live it up
We must be strong, very strong
So come, brother give it up, give it up
Before it’s too late for you
Come, sister live it up, live it up
There must be a better way
You have been living a life of abandon
You have been robbing and stealing from the poor
You’re like a naked fool running on the street
It’s time to seek the path of love
This is the beginning of change
Time our master has come to judgment
And these destroyers will be paid back in full
Those who make my people cry in pain
This is the beginning of change
See the multitudes bursting out in joy
Our dance of victory just around the corner
A new season of happiness is here

Mama Bendel
I still remember the old days
When I was young and in school
My mind will wander to when I was so confused
And I was never sure of whom I was
I was living far away from home
I missed my family and my friends
But out of the gloom there was a woman
Who kept us laughing into the deeps of the night
And we called her Mama Bendel
To her we went for our meals
She made amala the way I liked it
Mama Bendel - She was always there
She put the shine in my dull days
She knew how to make a stone laugh
She knew how to lift my dark clouds away
She told me stories of how she grew up
As a young girl in a village far away
She painted a world of happiness
And taught me the things mother forgot to teach
She talked about love and pain
And what you must do to keep your head
Up above the storms of life
She was Mama Bendel
She would sing and dance
To soothe my young soul
Mama Bendel - Honest and true
She was the queen in my little world
Now Mama Bendel is gone away
She died in her sleep a few years ago
They said just before she left
She gave everyone a smile and said
“I’ll be seeing you very soon”

Down The Street
I was going down the street one day
I saw this little girl by the roadside
She was sitting on the floor, crying in her hands
What could make a little one so sad?
So I stood a moment by her side
And I tried to clean away her tears
Baby cry no more, wipe away your tears
Tell me what is on your mind
And she said, “Where is Papa gone?
Where is Mama gone?
Where is Rori gone my friend?
Where’s my brother gone? Everybody’s gone”
The little baby cried and cried
So I cleaned away all her tears
Shared a joke and then let her talk
In her little child voice she told a story
Now I’m the one who’s shedding tears

My Mother’s Fatter Than Yours
People’ll say anything they like
And they’ll do whatever they want
People’ll say anything to make you feel small
My child is better than yours
My brother’s stronger than yours
My sister’s prettier than yours
And I am richer than your whole family
My house is bigger than yours
My father’s taller than yours
My mother’s fatter than yours
And we are richer than your whole family
They tell you if you don’t hustle
You cannot make it
But if you hustle your way into trouble
Then it’s all on your head
Have you forgotten the words of our elders
That many roads lead to the market?
So get up on your feet,
Follow your dreams, do you own thing
Don’t run someone else’s race
There is a different season for everyone
As the moon rises does the sun set
Only the patient will reap the bounty of life

To See The Sun
I like to see the sun
Shining out from your eyes
I like to feel your love like the rain falling down
Something in the air when you do the things you do
You’ve got the magic wand and I’m a slave to your rhythm
Sun, sun shining up, out from your eyes
Rain, rain here we go, spirit is alive you feel it
Moving like a leaf dancing in the wind
Set your water free, I really want to flow with you
It’s you we’ve come to see
Sexy lady with the beguiling smile
We love your beautiful ways
Sonorous songbird, it is you we’re hailing
Get your shoes on, it’s time to dance o
Get your moves on, it’s time to party
Move you waist from right to left o
Get your shoes on, it’s time!


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