"The young man standing laughing
But he knows where the shoe dey pain am so
He no fit do anything today
But one day the tables will turn..."

"People love to hear us sing
We say the things that really matter
You know they love to watch us play
Say it makes them come alive
It gives them power, gives inspiration
Something to hold on to..."

"Good morning, I greet you, how do you do?
Good morning, I greet you, we’ve got some work to do
Good morning, I greet you, how was your night?
Good morning, I greet you, it will be a beautiful day..."

"I don’t know why you’re feeling so sad

I’ve got the music and I have no worries

In my heart, I desire tomorrow

I feel the fire as it burns in my soul..."

"Give me a chance to prove myself

Give me some room and I’ll move this world

Give me some space and I’ll build mansions

Teach me your song and I’ll sing it loud…"


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