Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band - “Sun No Dey Sleep”
All songs written/composed by Olusegun Akinlolu. © & ℗ Olusegun Akinlolu/EniObanke. SOCAN/ASCAP


A satirical take on corruption and poor leadership. Details the story of an individual, left in charge of the common inheritance, who squanders and depletes the purse. The song directly addresses the subject, as if the speaker and the listener are face-to-face, makes jest of his deceitfulness and laziness, and highlights his options for personal redemption.

Ibaseje awo soludigbe o
Lanti lanti patan labe ewe
Ilu oke ni mo lo o ti gbe’le yen ta
Omo apa ni won npe ru ‘re o
Ibaseje f’otesola o
Oro re ni mo ro d’odo agba
Iye sunkun, baba f’owo le’ran o
Won l’omo eniyan won o se gb’ara le o
Monkey dey wear shoe, e think say e be fine guy
Alabosi ore tuletule, wookowooko e o r’oju ole
Iwa ibi ni o je o r’alajogbe
Gbogbo nkan o ma le je tire o
Ibuso l’enu ka ti jeun k’a yo
Oro ofun lo ma nf’ori re ro
Agba omo a se bi majesin
Igba kan o lo bi orere o
Osan ba o wi, o l’o ni gbo
Ale ba o so, o l’enu re nrun
Eni s’ole, ole ni o ja gbehin
Ha, nba mo ni kehin asebi o
Eniyan meji i padanu iro
B’eni a pa fun o mo, eni npuro mo’ra re o
Seb’oju awo l’awo mi fi gb’obe o
Ng’e s’ode, mo kan dake ni o
Eniyan o s’awon na k’esin l’oro
Jeje mi ni mo ma nlo’gba iwa
Eni to mi, se niyen ntu le agbon o
Bi o so’ra yio ma j’ijo ete o
Ile ba o so, o l’o ni gbo
Oke ba o wi, o l’enu re nrun
Eni s’ole, ole ni o ja gbehin
O ba te’pa mo’se ola nbo wa da o


The protagonist in this song makes a bold assertion of his independence and individuality in the face of personal threat and dismissal:
Being barred from your space is not the end of the world
I can still reach my goals outside your sphere of influence.
History tells us that there have been others as powerful and wealthy as you
But what became of them? They passed on and were forgotten.
This is not the end of the line, I am a man of hope

Ma yo s’ile mi mo
Kii se kuro l’aye ore mi
Sebi ‘le aye ohun o da nkan
Ma rin l’ode mi kii se jade l’aye k’o mo gbo o
Ani ‘le aye ohun o da nkan
Baba olowo ana, onile gogoro nko, awon da?
A wa won titi, a o ma ri won mo
Iya wo-ki’lu-mo akomoleru, awon na nko?
Ile mu won, a o ma gbo won mo
Bobo olokiki ti gbogbo aye nwa riri fun
Won ba ‘le lo, a o ma gbo won mo
Arewa ko-si-ru-mi, ate ‘le bi eye
Won lo’gba, igba wa lo won, a o ma gbo won mo
Eni aye nfe, eni aye nfe
O le d’ota ilu lola, eni aye nfe
Eni o r’owo mu, eni o r’owo mu
O le d’oloro l’ola eni o r’owo mula nmi
Eni aye nponle, eni aye nponle
Won le tu’to ete si, b’oro o ba gun mo


Weariness in my soul, pain in my heart
See you there little child, fear in your eyes
The road ahead will be rough, we seek the land of hope
No vision, no clear direction
Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive and that’s why
I’m crying for the future
I worry about the future
I’m working for the future, yeah
Will we ever truly be happy
Will we ever know the good life
Will there ever be justice and equality for all?
So give me a man like Malcolm in this time
Someone like Sankara with the love of his people
Show me a man like Neto in this time
Someone like Biko…
Then we were slaves taken away from here
Now we’re still slaves right on our own land
Nothing is settled my brother, the battle rages on
We’re still the pawn in the game
And half the story is never told and that’s why
I’m fighting for the future
I’m working for future
I’m looking to the future, yeah
Will we ever really be free
Will ever stand up and fight
Will we ever speak together in one voice?
So give me a man like Cabral in this time
Someone like Lumumba, with the passion of youth
We need men like Garvey in this time
Someone like Biko…
So give me a man like Shaka in this time
Someone like Nkrumah, with the love of his people
Show me a man like Boro in this time
Someone like Biko…
Weariness in my soul, pain in my heart
Close your eyes and sleep child,
Everything is going to be alright…

Songwriter’s Note:
The African heroes and martyrs mentioned in this song include: Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, Kwame Nkrumah, Agostinho Neto, Steve Biko, Amilcar Cabral, Marcus Garvey, Isaac Boro and Shaka Zulu. You can read about each at the respective weblink below – but that’s only some of the story…
Steve Biko:
Thomas Sankara:
Patrice Lumumba:
Malcolm X:
Kwame Nkrumah:
Agostinho Neto:
Amilcar Cabral:
Marcus Garvey:
Isaac Boro:
Shaka Zulu:


We stand there talking and some folks start mouthing off
We are not competing with anyone, just doing our own thing
If you come over to our place, we shall welcome you with joy
And you can get on the dance floor, move as you please
It’s dancing time and here’s your song
Our band makes the music of rebirth
And you can get on the dance floor, move as you like
Take us to the ‘high place’
Take us higher and higher, and higher still…

Won l’epe ni p’osika, odale ni p’ore o
Arigisegi o, sebohun l’eru o pa
Epe ni p’osika, odale ni p’ore o
Ise owo eni, la o fi da ni l’are
A duro a mi s’oro, awon kan p’awon l’agba oye
Awa o b’eni kan du’po, jeje la nmi
Eni wa wa de’le, tayo terin la o pade re
Pelu ijo onisuru l’ese o
Ijo ti ya o, orin re o
Awon egbe wa l’o ma mi s’atunda ere
Ijo ti ya o, orin re o
Ara to ba wun e ni o ju s’ile o
Eni l’owo l’owo, ti nse bi alaini o
Oro aye o to nkan o ka ma ranti
Eni ba s’ise kara se b’o ye ko l’asiko igbadun
Ololufe ma gbe’se bo nikankan
E gbe wa d’ori ogun, egbe wa de ‘bi ogbon
Ani e f’ona han wa o k’ale to le
E gbe wa de bi t’o ga
E gbe wa de bi t’o jin
E ma to wa o, k’aye o ye wa
E gbe wa d’ori ogoji
E gbe wa koja egberun
Ayo pelu alaafia, ori ire
E gbe de bi ogorun, e gbe wa koja egbeta
E ma to wa o, ka ma sina


All of my life I don dey try o
To be the best I can be
To be somebody’s hero
But I am the king of procrastination
And now that you’ve come my way I really see o
Your beauty glows in the dark
My former life was a deep hole
You are the queen of illumination
So here I stand, wash me woman
Make me clean, put a new song in my mouth
Don’t give up on me now…
Time has passed again I’m in the shadows
The darkness come anew
My lonely feet grow heavy
These are the days of tribulation
But then, I hear your voice calling out
You beat a path through the jungle
You’ve got a smile on your face
You’re reaching out in invitation
But girl I’m afraid my past will never let me be
They say old habits die hard
Don’t give up on me now…
Today we meet as planned at the crossroads
I’ve got my offering ready
I go down on my knees o
And plead with the Lord of confusion
But you, you have eyes only for me o
Your plate is full of riches
You treat me like a hero
You feed me love and devotion
Yes queen I am ready
Hold me woman, make me strong
We’ll be together through the storm
Don’t give up on me now…


A song of encouragement –
Keep your focus tightly on the future, keep your eyes on the goal
It may be rough going but the winner is he who perseveres and weathers all storms
Everything has its time and season, every man gets his own moment
Arm yourself through hardwork, truthfulness and patience
Prepare and be ready for your turn

Arakunrin te’ra mo, te’ra mo,
Te’ra mo ’se, ibere i s’onise
Ololufe te’ju mo, te’ju mo,
Te’pa mo ‘se, ola nbo wa da
Arabinrin te’ramo, te’ramo
Te’ra mo ’se, ibere i s’onise
Ololufe te’ju mo, te’ju mo,
Te’pa mo ‘se, ola nbo wa da
Asiko laye, bi o ba i yi kan ni,
A da bi eni’pe eniyan o mo se rara
Sugbon ti ‘gba ba to, ti ‘rawo eda nta
Ko s’eni t’o le di ni l’ona
Fi ‘dera fun wa, oba fi ‘bukun fun wa
Wa fi‘se yin wa o, k’a ma d’ero eyin l’aye o
Fi ‘dera fun wa, oba fi ‘bukun fun wa
K’ojo aye wa ko gun k’oloyin
Fi ‘dera fun wa, oba fi ‘bukun fun wa
K’a ma s’ise asedanu, k’a ma d’ero eyin l’aye o
Fi ‘dera fun wa, oba fi ‘bukun fun wa
K’ojo aye wa k’o dun kan le
Igba ma l’ola, yiyi ni yi kan ni
Eni o ni suru ni t’oju bo ‘le kiri
F’owuro sise, k’o f’otito si o
Sebi suru l’oju, oba iwa


You know that many of us, we miss those days of harmony
And we’ll like to see them again
You know that many of us, we miss those days of innocence
And we’ll like to see them again
Tell me where are you now Victor Banjo?
We look to the sky and the stars are gone
Only vultures feeding off the backs of the poor, the weak and the people’s frustration
Tell me, where have you gone Kaduna Nzeogwu?
The sun doesn’t shine in the east anymore
And the west no longer sees any ray of hope
And in the north, in the south, it’s locust season
So tell me, where will it berth this floundering ship?
The storm is gathering and the moment comes
When denial will no longer be enough
And the horrors of the past will be exposed
So tell me how will you gag millions of voices?
The season of reckoning is drawing near
When the people come together to make a new pact
On how to live together or move apart
E don tey wey we dey talk am
No be today o, no be today
(It’s long we’ve been talking about this, not just today)
We seek justice and liberty
Truth and honour in high places
We seek freedom and prosperity for all
We seek an end to poverty in this land…

Songwriter’s Note:
The historical figures mentioned in this song are Lt Col Victor Adebukunola Banjo and Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu. Two charismatic and brilliant soldiers who embody the many unanswered questions about the fate and destiny of the geographical entity called Nigeria. Each one, in his own way, represents the unfulfilled promise that the Nigerian project has been to its people.


In this song, the band announces its arrival at an imaginary home or rendezvous -
Greetings! Here we are, learned progeny of the ancestors
We come from the place of wisdom –
The evil-doer inherits evil
Those who sow seeds of goodness shall reap joy
Spread wealth, tread gently on your way
Befriend Truth, make this land a better place
That we may all have comfort

Ago onile a ma de awa ni
Eyin wo nu?
E kaabo o!
A ti nreti yin!
E ma wo’le o!
A de, mo seb’awa na ni EniObanke gangan, a tun de
A ma de o, ko s’ewu l’egberun eko, e ma ba wa kalo, a tun de
Lati ‘le ogbon -
A de, seb’awa na ni, omo odo agbagba, a tun de
Eni ba se’re -
Ire ni o ma ri, eni ba si se’ka, abamo ni o je l’ode aye
E f’iwa s’ola -
E f’ola m’ebi, f’owo m’aradugbo, enikan o m’ehin ola, e ye
Te jeje -
Yiyi l’aye nyi, eni kan l’ote yi, e ba je a rora s’aye
F’otito s’ore -
K’aye o le r’oju, e je a tun ‘le yi se, k’ara o ro gbogbo wa, e ye!


Grandmother told me the secret of a rewarding life
If we desire positive change, we must walk and work together in unity
It will not be easy, but we must persevere and each one must play his part
Grandmother told me something else –
There are four things that are inimical to social peace
Deceit, Selfishness, Greed and Skulduggery
Let those who seek the path of growth learn patience
The dawn of freedom is nigh

Ara, mo gbo’ro kan o l’enu iye mi agba
Won l’afenifere o, won o s’opo l’aye
Agbajo’wo iyen s’oun laa fi so’ya
Ka-rin-ka-po ni’sokan
Ani mo gbo’un t’odun l’enu iye mi agba
Won l’eni ti o j’oyin apata ki w’enu aake
Ki ma i s’oju boro laa gb’omo ekuro
Ore mi gbe’ra nde
You stand for your right, I stand for me
Everyone must play his part
We ask for the truth, demand for justice
Only love will set us free
Mo ma gbo’un t’odun l’enu iye mi agba
Won l’ohun merin ni nbe o ti o j’aye o gun
Aisotito – o nbe ni’be
Ainitelorun – o nbe ni’be
Imoteni nikan – o nbe ni’be
Ote – iyen nbe ni’be!
Ara mo gbo’ro kan o l’enu baba onirungbon
Won ni imo iwe yen o, o se pataki, o joju
Sugbon ogbon awon agba, se yen n’isenbaye
Ko se f’owo ro s’ehin lailai
Ani mo gbo’un to dun l’enu Asabi olomowewe
Won ni abanise yen o, won o po bi abanilo’gba
Akinkanju e rora, ogbon l’oro yi o gba
Ojo ominira nbo kankan


Eyes always open
Sun no dey sleep, sun no dey sleep
Ever shining bright
Ever burning bright


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