The Philosopher-Musician

 "Beautiful Nubia and his Roots Renaissance Band have helped to strengthen our belief that there is hope for genuine modern Nigerian and African music." - Benson Idonije - The Guardian, Nigeria (March 2008)

Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band is widely regarded as Nigeria’s foremost contemporary folk and roots music ensemble.

Composer, arranger and bandleader Segun Akinlolu (aka Beautiful Nubia) was born in Ibadan, Nigeria in 1968. He studied veterinary medicine at the University of Ibadan and worked for 8 years in that field before becoming a full time artist. In 1997, he adopted his curious stage name in homage to the exploits and glory of ancient Nubia. A year later, he formed a backing group of young musicians to which he gave the name The Roots Renaissance Band. In 2010, he founded the EniObanke Music Festival (EMUfest), a multi-city annual festival of folk and roots music. In October 2016, he was conferred with the award of ‘Doctorate in Science (Honoris Causa) in Art’ by ESEP Le Berger University, Republic of Benin for his body of work. 

Often hailed as a "Prophet", "Philosopher-musician", "King of Melody", etc., Beautiful Nubia makes original music built on rich folkloric traditions and native wisdom but the message is universal in thrust and theme.


*Music albums released as Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band: 

 Olumuyiwa (2023)

 Huruhara (2021)

Apejo (2019)

Atunluto (2018)

Amunudun (2018)

Iwa (2016)

Táabákú (2016)

Odds and Ends (2016)

Soundbender (2015)

Keere (2014) 

Oriojori-Eternal Spirits (2012)

Sun No Dey Sleep (2011)

Irinajo (2009)

Kilòkilò (2007) 

Fere (2006)

Awilele (2004)

Jangbalajugbu (2002)


*Music albums released as Beautiful Nubia:

Helen of the Good Tidings (2023)

Brand New Tales from a Small Room (2021)

Several More Tales from a Small Room (2020)

Even More Tales from a Small Room (2019)

More Tales from a Small Room (2017)

Tales from a Small Room (2017)

Voice From Heaven (1999)

Seven Lifes (1997) 


*Live Albums: 

Essential Work (2021)

Live Concert Series V (2018)

Live Concert Series IV (2017)

Live Concert Series III (2017)

Live Concert Series II (2016) 

Live Concert Series I (2013)


*Instrumental Albums:

Rhythms of the Way (Instrumentals Vol. 2, 2020)

Instrumentals Vol. 1 (2019)

*Poetry recordings released as Segun Akinlolu: 

Like A Tale At Night (2006)

Where Rivers Sing A Song (2004)

On A Cold Evening (2000) 


Books published as Segun Akinlolu: 

In the Circle of the Happy Moon (Children's Book, 2023)

Sounds of Joy (Autobiography, 2018)

Book of Songs (Lyrics, 2018)

A WordMerchant's LogBook (Poetry, 2018)

Citadel Blues (Fiction, 2004 and 2016)

The King's Messenger (Poetry, 2004)

Thinking Big (Poetry, 2000)

Waiting For The Bones (Poetry, 1997)