Words and Music composed, written and arranged by Olusegun Akinlolu. No part of these lyrics should be shared in any form or any public space without giving credit to the writer. Translations in italics. All rights reserved. © & ℗ 2016 EniObanke 

(Compilation of singles and other previously unreleased studio cuts. Only available online. The following two songs are the only ones that you cannot find in any other studio album.)



If you take a trip to Nairobi 

Where a baby boy lays dying 

Just a moment after his mother 

Maybe then you’ll believe 

If you walk the street of Lagos 

Where a lonely girl lays crying 

She knows the clap 

(But) now she’s got something worse 

Maybe then you’ll believe 

We've got a problem on our hands 

Iná njó o (fire’s burning

And we can solve it if we work together 

We've got a fire up on the roof 

And everyone’s got to do his part to put this fire out 

Have you seen the scars of Rwanda? 

Have you felt the pain of Uganda? 

Something like the devil stalks the land 

Maybe then you’ll believe 

Have you seen the future dying slowly 

In the men and boys; women and girls? 

Have you seen the look of death in their eyes? 

Maybe then you’ll believe 

Baby, you and I we've got some work to do 

We’ve got to protect the future from today 

Honey, we've got to be open and sincere 

Ready to work together 


Some they say that we live too fast 

The times are too good to last 

Some, in their foolishness, can't see the future 

Written in our faces and hearts 

We live in pain, we seem insane 

We’re reaching out for some believers 

Could you be the one to drive away these tears? 

We are children of the sun 

And we are riding to the future 

Children on the run 

Brethren to the stars; sisters to the hills and rivers 

Could you be the one to drive away these tears? 

Some they pass you by with a smile 

Some will treat you with bile 

Some, in their weariness, slouch by ghosts 

Life goes on in a haze 

Wicked winter, sapping summer 

We wait for the season of hope and joy 

Could you be the one to drive away these pains? 

We live in the city and the countryside 

We ride the winds and flow with the breeze 

Could you be the one to drive away these fears?

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